On-Demand Webinar Bias in AI: Understand the impact on marketing and advertising.

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On-Demand Webinar Bias in AI: Understand the impact on marketing and advertising.

AI has become increasingly important in driving business effectiveness in today’s digital world. From real-time customer engagement to interactions on websites, data is generated from virtually every aspect of a business; and to harness this power we require the computational power of AI and machine learning. But the role of technology is to give us even more intelligence about customers and our business. Implicit in this exchange is trust in AI. As marketers and advertisers, we need to understand the impact of bias in AI on our audience reach.

They will address topics such as:
Trust in AI: How do you know what your models are doing?
The role of responsible and explainable AI techniques.
How AI bias can affect your reach to the right audiences.


Ingrid Burton Chief Marketing Officer at Quantcast
Ingrid Burton is the Chief Marketing Officer at Quantcast, an audience intelligence company, where she is driving the brand and creating demand to transform the company for growth. Prior to joining Quantcast, Ingrid held CMO roles at leading startups including H2O.ai, a leader in open-source AI and machine learning, at Hortonworks, where she drove a brand and marketing transformation that positioned the company for growth, and at Silver Spring Networks where she positioned the company for their IPO.

She also was CMO at Plantronics after a 20-year career at Sun Microsystems, where she held several leadership roles, including head of marketing for the company and Java marketing, global citizenship, championing open source initiatives, and leading product and strategic marketing teams. Ingrid also held a marketing executive role at SAP, where she co-created the Cloud strategy, led HANA and analytics marketing, and drove developer outreach.

Patrick Hall Principal Scientist at bnh.ai
Patrick is co-founder and principal scientist at bnh.ai, a D.C.-based law firm focused on AI and data analytics. Patrick also serves as visiting faculty at the George Washington University School of Business (GWSB), where his teaching and research focus on data mining, machine learning, and the responsible use of these technologies. Among other academic and technology media writing, Patrick is the primary author of popular e-books on explainable and responsible machine learning. Before co-founding bnh.ai, his work at H2O.ai, a leading machine learning software firm, resulted in one of the world’s first commercial solutions for explainable and fair machine learning.