On-Demand Webinar Let the Cookie Crumble Take a Bite Into the Already-Cookieless Internet

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Let the Cookie Crumble Take a Bite Into the Already-Cookieless Internet

With over 50% of today’s consumers not being addressable via the third-party cookie, per Quantcast’s estimates, shouldn’t savvy advertisers be jumping at the chance to reach more than half of the internet sooner than later?

Join Quantcast, Digital New Agency, Index Exchange, Add3, and eMarketer for a lively discussion about succeeding without third-party cookies with future-proof solutions that operate in cookieless environments today. Discover how marketers are already gaining a competitive advantage by scaling and acquiring new customers, measuring effectiveness, and driving better results.

During this eMarketer Tech-Talk Webinar, you’ll learn:
  • Privacy-first ways to accurately understand and reach untapped audiences now
  • How a flexible, multi-signal approach to cookieless advertising enables successful outcomes
  • Why embracing cookieless opportunities today is key to remaining relevant and competitive tomorrow


Speaker Heinz Baumann Head of Product Privacy & Identity | Quantcast
Speaker Michael Sandor Head of Field Sales, East | Quantcast
Speaker Jonas Lidén Director of Fusion | Digital New Agency
Jamie P Headshot
Speaker Jamie Penkethman Identity Product Marketing | Index Exchange
Chris Barr 200x200 1
SPEAKER Chris Barr Senior Account Manager | Add3