On-demand Webinar 5 Tips to Responsibly Address Brand Safety

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On-demand Webinar 5 Tips to Responsibly Address Brand Safety

Now more than ever, it is hard to sift through news content without questioning its suitability for advertising. Especially when it comes to news sources, there’s a constant stream of content that some brands may prefer not to associate themselves with. Whether it’s a global hardship, localized tragedy, or a controversial Supreme Court decision, the latest headlines can have implications in programmatic advertising because the world wide web is “always on”.

When it comes to brand safety, the most important thing is to treat each event uniquely because there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” for every client or every issue that comes up. Join us on Thursday, August 25 at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT, for this 30-minute deep dive into our 5 tips to protect your brand’s integrity.

You’ll learn:

Strategies for building brand safety guidelines

Tips for building your suppression and allow lists

Best practices on how to approach advertising on news sites

How to work with current and new media partners


Alan Wehausen Quantcast Sales Manager
HOST Alan Wehausen Corporate Sales Manager, Quantcast
Alyssa Wollard Quantcast Key Account Manager
SPEAKER Alyssa Wollard Key Account Manager, Quantcast