On-Demand Webinar Making Sense of the Open Internet:
Practical Machine Learning for Marketers

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On-Demand Webinar Making Sense of the Open Internet: Practical Machine Learning for Marketers

Join Dr. Peter Day, Chief Technology Officer at Quantcast, as he discusses how machine learning can help deliver practical benefits for marketers. He brings his expertise from the ad-tech and fin-tech space to talk about how marketers can effectively reach the right people at the right time. He explores how technology–when combined with human ingenuity and creativity–can unlock new possibilities and great results.

He will address topics to include:
Making sense of the ever-evolving open internet.
Processing vast amounts of data to turn into real-time insights about consumer interests and intent.
The use of machine learning to reach people based on forward-looking intent instead of backward-looking data.
Using the AraTM technology in the Quantcast Platform to uniquely evaluate, price, and bid on every impression while optimizing for reach and performance.


Dr. Peter Day Chief Technology Officer | Quantcast
As Chief Technology Officer at Quantcast, Dr. Peter Day is responsible for creating a new and innovative intelligent audience platform that uses machine learning and live real-time data to achieve results. Prior to joining Quantcast, he spent 12 years working in the financial markets. Peter has a Ph.D. in machine learning.
Taylor Corr Quantcast ISO Sales
Taylor Corr Head of Corporate Sales | Quantcast
Taylor Corr has been with Quantcast for over six years. He currently heads up our Corporate Sales team who is responsible for client direct and independent agency partnerships in North America.