On-Demand Webinar The Cookie Conundrum: What happens to advertising in a world without third‑party cookies?

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On-Demand Webinar The Cookie Conundrum: What happens to advertising in a world without third‑party cookies?

The advertising ecosystem has relied on third-party cookies to provide insight into user behavior and power effective audience planning, campaign activation, and measurement capabilities. Third-party cookies have seen a slow demise since Apple introduced Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari, and Google Chrome’s deprecation of third-party cookies in 2022 will be the final nail in the coffin. A range of solutions is being proposed to tackle the challenge of advertising addressability. Which of these solutions will work? How will brands, agencies, and publishers continue to know and grow their audiences? Will the free and open internet continue to thrive?

Quantcast will share its approach that is grounded in industry standards, interoperability, and innovation and leverages unique AI and machine learning technology to harness multiple audience signals.

You’ll learn:
Major trends to understand how they will impact your advertising.
Spectrum of industry-proposed solutions.
Role of AI and machine learning in future-proofing your business.
Quantcast’s unique approach to help you thrive in a world without third-party cookies.


Shruti Koparkar Head of Product Marketing

Shruti Koparkar is the Head of Product Marketing at Quantcast. She leads a team of product marketers in launching new AI-driven ad tech platforms. She specializes in developing messaging frameworks for these platforms to capture value pillars, key benefits, customer pain-points, and proof-points.

Before joining Quantcast, Shruti enjoyed over 15 years in the technology industry, having leadership positions within ARM and Ecosense.

Shruti lives in California’s San Francisco Bay area and has a Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Minnesota.

Alena Morris Lead Product Marketing Manager

Alena Morris is a Lead Product Marketing Manager at Quantcast. She oversees product marketing across the global publisher business, including the Platform for Publishers, Measure, and Quantcast Choice, Quantcast’s measurement and privacy products that allow publishers to thrive in a privacy-first world.

Prior to Quantcast, Alena spent several years in the publisher world, first at Yelp and then at CBS Interactive.

Alena holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Occidental College. She lives in New York, N.Y.