Once Upon a Time In The World Of Data Creativity…

Cannes Lions, the international festival of creativity, is right around the corner and we’re excited to take the stage with Pixar this year! With the unparalleled amount of data that exists on human behavior today, only a few companies have really put those insights to action to create memorable moments for consumers. Pixar is known for their ability to make us laugh till it hurts and cry on demand (read: the first ten minutes of Up). Together at Cannes we’ll explore the intersection of technology and creativity, specifically how data can inform the creative process that leads to those touching moments that audiences love and creatives strive for.

This is a story of two different uses of data creativity — on the one hand, Pixar uses data to appeal to crowds on the segment of millions, and on the other, programmatic advertising appeals to people on a segment of one. While they may seem contradictory at first, we’re excited to share how creativity and data can work together to produce positive consumer journeys that leave a lasting impression. In the film world, Pixar does this through it’s incredible cast of characters and in advertising Quantcast does this through relevant, immersive creative that sparks the right emotion at the right moment.

Planning to attend Cannes this year? Join Pixar’s story supervisor and story instructor, Matthew Luhn, and Quantcast’s CEO and co-founder, Konrad Feldman, for this inspiring data-fueled journey to capture human emotion.

When: Tuesday, June 21, 2016 at 10:45-11:15 AM

Where: The Inspiration Stage

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