The Quantcast Engineering Internship Program is a hands-on learning experience focused on projects that impact the company and our clients. Working closely with engineers and managers to design and develop products in collaboration, interns also have the opportunity to own projects from start to finish. 

We’re shining the spotlight on another of our incredible summer interns, Nikhil George, to hear about his experience in our San Francisco office. As a 5th year senior at UC Berkeley, Nikhil is close to graduating in December with a degree in Computer Science. In this interview, he tells us about his interest in engineering, what he valued about his experience at Quantcast, and what he learned from his internship. 

How did you become interested in engineering?

Growing up, my high school was right next to a trade school and we were allowed to enroll in some of the classes there, which was a really cool experience. I got the chance to take 3 years of construction technology classes, covering everything from carpentry to plumbing to electrician work. It was a really unique experience that jump-started my interest in fixing and making things, and in turn led me to pursue a career in engineering.

What did you enjoy most about interning at Quantcast?

I would have to say my coworkers and the community here is 100% the best part about being at Quantcast. Not only is everyone here really fun to be around, but they’re also incredibly talented and helpful. Quantcast really offers an environment where just being around your fellow coworkers you learn so much and grow very quickly, which I think is super important in a workplace.

What have been some exciting challenges you’ve come across in your internship and how have they shaped you? 

My project this summer was very research-oriented, which is something I haven’t had too much experience with in the past. As a result, the overall direction of the project was very fluid and I wasn’t really sure what to expect after certain milestones were reached. I ended up really enjoying this aspect of my project, though, as it taught me to make decisions in response to results on the go, and how to move a project forward amidst uncertainty.

What are your top three career goals?

  1. Work on a problem that’s interesting!
  2. Learn how to be a better leader, and eventually take on a managerial leadership role
  3. Put out high-quality products that people enjoy using

What advice would you give to someone pursuing an internship?

One of the best learning experiences I’ve had is working on a side project by myself that taught me the skills I would need for an internship in my field. Owning a project by yourself teaches you so much and it’s a super rewarding experience! It also shows that you are actually interested in whatever it is that you are pursuing, which always helps when looking for an internship.

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