As a programmatic trader, you have a lot on your plate every day. Not only are you an ad inventory expert, you have to live in data, examine data, make quick analytical decisions, and constantly adjust. You need to be hyper-organized with your data strategy so you can pivot quickly and get the best KPI results for your clients.

While you may be using a limited set of different demand-side platforms (DSPs) to plan, activate, and measure online ads, Quantcast offers a much more easy-to-use, integrated, and efficient solution that enables you to reach audiences in an entirely new way. The Quantcast Platform provides easy to digest audience- and campaign-level insights that enable you to innovate and squeeze every bit of performance out of your campaigns—all without sacrificing the quality of the inventory that your ads appear on.

In fact, Forrester Consulting named the Quantcast Platform as a “next-generation DSP 2.0” in a recent Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study. Forrester found that when compared to traditional DSPs, the Quantcast Platform delivered a 44% increase in customer conversions, as well as 50% time savings. These findings are echoed by many other customers who are using the Quantcast Platform to discover and reach their ideal audiences.  

Here are five ways the Quantcast Platform can help programmatic traders make smarter, data-driven decisions and drive brand growth.

1. Pre-optimize your campaigns

The Quantcast Platform enables you to quickly and easily pre-optimize your campaigns. Instead of creating a detailed audience using a planning tool, then activating it on a different platform using disparate third-party data segments, followed by manually tweaking parameters in hopes of getting better results, you can use the Quantcast Platform to create custom audiences using your custom keywords. Then you simply compare the audiences and activate them with a single click. Your campaigns perform better right out of the gate, and you don’t need to spend time or waste budget figuring out what might work.

2. Work smarter, not harder

The platform’s user experience and interface has been designed for intuitiveness and ease of use, which makes it easy to onboard new users so they can get their campaigns up and running within minutes. The Quantcast Platform halves the time spent by digital media team traders on planning, activation, campaign management, and reporting tasks, freeing them up to work on more strategic initiatives.

“The platform is very easy to navigate, from uploading creatives to setting up the campaign is very quick. Additionally with just basic training, I believe that it’s very easy to navigate through the platform. The interface feels native to the user.”
Senior Programmatic Trader

“The platform is very easy to navigate, from uploading creatives to setting up the campaign is very quick. Additionally with just basic training, I believe that it’s very easy to navigate through the platform. The interface feels native to the user.” – Senior Programmatic Trader, iProspect

3. Use live first-party data to activate your campaigns

The Quantcast Platform leverages the Quantcast Measure dataset, which directly collects live data from over 100M+ web and mobile destinations. When you activate your campaigns, you can use the same first-party data you used to plan on all channels, including digital media channels such as social, display, and video. By using live first-party data, you’ll allow for highly personalized and accurate advertising. Instead of resorting to loosely classified, or even stale, third-party data segments, you can build custom audience segments based on live data and precisely reach customers based on their ever-changing behavior, interest, and intent.

4. Automate, automate, automate

We all know that manually optimizing campaigns requires time and effort that could be better spent elsewhere. With the help of AI, you can improve campaign performance by working smarter, not harder. Custom algorithms and AI optimizations are going to be key to your success as a programmatic trader. At the very core of the Quantcast Platform is Ara™, our patented AI and machine learning engine that operates on a dataset of about 20 petabytes every day. Simply choose the outcome you want during campaign setup and Ara does the rest. It creates a custom predictive model for every campaign based on live data, and monitors campaigns in real time to automatically adjust thousands of parameters for optimal campaign performance. This means you no longer have to spend time pulling bid levers because Ara does it for you. 

5. Leverage granular insights to optimize campaign results

Quantcast provides you with real-time, granular insights in seconds, not hours. With Quantcast, you can quickly discover unique customers reached and how audiences overlap across campaigns. Use the Funnel Visualizer to explore a campaign audience journey and how delivery and conversion metrics vary across different demographics. It’s simple to adjust and optimize media investments towards campaigns that deliver distinct audiences. 

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