With Google’s deprecation of the third-party cookie right around the corner, brands around the world are actively exploring new ways to achieve addressability and measurement. Forward-thinking companies are realizing that advertising in a cookieless environment is a compelling opportunity right now. That’s because activating advertising in Safari and Firefox environments can reveal potentially inaccessible audiences or “hidden prospects” across the open internet. In fact, we’ve analyzed the data behind consumer browsing patterns and discovered over 50% of consumers are already browsing in cookieless environments.

To put it simply, if you’re not advertising on cookieless inventory today, you are missing out on an incredible opportunity to increase the scale of your audience, grow your brand, and drive stronger business outcomes. Fortunately, there’s a way to access this inventory and, as a result, benefit from potentially lower costs with inventory that has few others competing for it. Keep in mind that cookieless inventory is still premium and is trusted just as it is in the third-party cookie world.

The Quantcast Platform enables our clients to future-proof their businesses with Quantcast’s cookieless capabilities, which use our expansive first-party data and AI/ML to reach new and existing audiences. Ease of use has always been central to the Quantcast Platform. In line with that, with just a single click of a button, you can enable audience activation in environments devoid of third-party cookies. Ara® TopicMap allows you to reach audiences based on predefined interests or a custom list of words or phrases to reach relevant audiences. This, coupled with consent signals and our interoperable approach with industry-wide identifiers, have shown clear brand suitability proof in our cookieless results.

Keep in mind that with the Quantcast Platform, you can review the impact of cookieless campaigns and get actionable insights with campaign delivery metrics arounds areas such as spend, impressions, uniques, clicks, and conversions in environments with and without third-party cookies.

Here’s how brands such as Vodafone and Symprove are using Quantcast to enable activation and measurement, without relying on third-party cookies. 

Vodafone dials up higher quality leads and more sales with Quantcast’s cookieless solution

Vodafone, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, recognized that with popular browsers such as Safari and Firefox already blocking cookies, a significant share of internet activity and prospective customers was already beyond the reach of traditional cookie-based advertising. To accurately assess this opportunity, Vodafone sought a technology that could cost-effectively reach audiences and drive incremental sales with measurable customer conversions in cookieless environments. 

Working with Quantcast, Vodafone activated performance campaigns with a customer acquisition objective. To allow comparative analysis identical campaigns were executed, one using cookies and one entirely cookieless. With campaign objectives and constraints specified by Vodafone, Quantcast’s technology went to work using autonomous campaign optimization to select audiences, optimize the campaigns and deliver feedback through comprehensive campaign insights that includes cookieless conversion reporting. Vodafone was able to directly assess how prospecting for new customers in cookieless environments compared and contrasted to cookie-based campaigns.

The cookieless campaign drove efficient incremental outcomes for Vodafone, clearly demonstrating the business advantage that can be realized today with Quantcast cookieless advertising. According to Vodafone’s post-campaign analysis, a full 40% of the total sales were generated through cookieless advertising. The quality of leads originated by cookieless advertising were markedly superior, converting to sales at a 25% higher rate, and resulting in a 20% lower cost per sale in cookieless environments.

Symprove taps into cookieless environment to boost new customer acquisitions

Symprove was founded on the belief that maintaining a healthy gut bacteria balance can help people live fuller lives. To deliver on that mission, Symprove offers a probiotic supplement that is only available for purchase online. Given its digital-first business model, the brand was looking to broaden the reach of its advertising campaigns to boost its new customer acquisition.

Symprove chose the Quantcast Platform as their programmatic solution of choice over other DSPs due to superior performance and ease-of-use.

When Quantcast launched cookieless activation and measurement, Symprove was eager to explore its new capabilities in hopes of expanding its reach to in-market audiences. Safari and Firefox, which make up a little of 34% of browser share in the UK, have already deprecated the third-party cookie. Prospecting in these previously inaccessible environments therefore offered tantalizing potential.

Quantcast’s cookieless solution drove a new wave of conversions. Cookieless prospecting helped achieve more than double the conversions at a fraction of the cost, while the quality of the inventory was on par with the cookie inventory they were accustomed to running on, demonstrating the benefits of tapping into cookieless environments today. 

Sharareh Abbassi, Marketing Consultant Barding LTD, Symprove, was thrilled with the results. “The Quantcast Platform’s cookieless activation and measurement capabilities have been a game-changer, allowing us to explore new and existing audiences in cookieless environments, as well as measure the effectiveness of these campaigns. As a digitally-driven company, we are always looking to power our programmatic campaigns with greater scale and efficiency. In Quantcast, we have found a partner that enables us to do so, with ease,” said Sharareh.

Moreover, Quantcast’s cookieless solution delivers an impressive array of performance metrics that are easily shared via cookieless reporting, enabling the Symprove marketing team to harness the potential of exploring cookieless environments and integrate it as part of their always-on strategy. 

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Google’s impending deprecation of the third-party cookie offers a tremendous opportunity for brands, agencies, and publishers to invest in new approaches to understand audiences, value advertising, and measure results. Google may have called extra time on the demise of the third-party cookie, but savvy marketers and agencies are deploying cookieless solutions today.

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Quantcast published a perspectives guide titled “In a World Without Third-Party Cookies,” which addresses several major trends and identifies solutions that are available today. You can read it here.

If you’re ready to get started with cookieless campaigns, click here. You can also contact us to learn more.