Repeat after me: there’s no need to fear cookieless advertising! As the adtech industry and regulations evolve to meet consumer expectations for privacy, new technologies exist today for brands, agencies, and publishers to find unique ways to connect with and earn the trust of their audiences while also improving advertising effectiveness and brand engagement. 

Make no mistake, now is the time to position your company for success before cookies are completely eliminated. Here are a few steps that you can take to stop hesitating and start succeeding in cookieless environments today:

1. Future-proof your business with real-time data from first-party cookies  The third-party cookie has been in decline for a long time, and today there’s a significant portion of the internet that requires alternatives to third-party cookies. First-party data, on the other hand, is here to stay, as it is quite fundamental to providing a good user experience on the internet. Look for a solution such as Quantcast Measure that uses real-time signals for access to unique insights. 

Any publisher that chooses to use Quantcast Measure implements a Quantcast Measure tag on their website. This tag, which is a piece of JavaScript code, allows Quantcast to learn about users’ visits and interactions with the publisher website. Quantcast can then access first-party, real-time data and add it to a collective data set. Quantcast Measure enables publishers to understand their audiences while protecting their first-party data–and that is why it is so widely used. It is with our publisher partners’ cooperation that Quantcast is able to understand consumer activity and behavior across 100M+ web and mobile destinations.

2. Get the right tech in place now The best way to mitigate the loss of third-party cookies is to leverage a unified audience platform that builds on first-party data, cohorts, contextual, and more, using AI capabilities to access unique audience insights, both to plan and activate campaigns.

At Quantcast, we have hundreds of global clients running cookieless across 400+ campaigns. Integrated directly into our platform, with just one click, cookieless campaigns are activated, and inventory expands to reach audiences without third-party cookies. Cookieless activation is available globally and for a range of objectives across the customer journey, such as reach, site visits, and conversions. 

3. Compare and contrast with and without cookies – With Quantcast, you can perform pre-campaign forecasting for cookieless audiences, including a number of available unique users and delivery estimates such as reach and impressions. Additionally, with the Cookieless Breakdown report, you can view performance and spend metrics in environments with and without cookies to more holistically understand how your campaigns are performing while also having the ability to optimize as you go.

The Cookieless Breakdown report gives actionable insights into:

  • Spend toward cookieless inventory
  • Impressions served
  • Clicks recorded 
  • Expanded uniques/ reach of cookieless activation 
  • Conversions/results from delivery to cookieless inventory
  • Cost of inventory with and without cookies

4. Measure the impact The Quantcast Platform can help you evaluate, measure, and optimize cookieless advertising campaigns. Audience Planner provides real-time insight and research into the demographic and psychographic makeup of your ideal audience. With Quantcast, you can reach new and existing audiences that were previously inaccessible. The data you collect enables you to gather insights, predict future patterns, and effectively reach your potential customers. You can also estimate the scale of campaigns and allocate budgets on inventory without third-party cookies.

Today Quantcast customers are identifying untapped audiences in cookieless environments

The Quantcast Platform enables our clients to future-proof their businesses with Quantcast’s cookieless capabilities, which use expansive first-party data and AI/ML to reach new and existing audiences. You can leverage the Quantcast Platform to review the impact of cookieless campaigns and get actionable insights with campaign delivery metrics around areas including spend, impressions, uniques, clicks, and conversions in environments with and without third-party cookies.

Here’s how brands such as Add3 and Vodafone are using Quantcast to enable activation and measurement without relying on third-party cookies. 

Add3, a Seattle-based digital agency, approached Quantcast to drive leads for their home rental client as they expanded into new markets. They sought a platform partner who could deliver performant audiences well into the cookieless future. Key to this strategy was seamless planning and activation of their audiences, both 1) connecting their prospecting and retargeting campaign audiences without having to manually balance different ad tactics–a time-consuming and limiting process in traditional DSPs, and 2) maximizing performance in cookieless environments, preparing them for a cookieless future. 

Add3 leveraged Quantcast’s cookieless solution to measure results and optimize towards largely untapped cookieless environments, benefiting from the incremental opportunity today. Quantcast’s cookieless solution provided access to incremental audiences, resulting in 80% more efficient leads in cookieless environments. This not only drove performance at scale but also demonstrated to their client that Add3 is ready for the future now.

Vodafone, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, recognized that with popular browsers such as Safari and Firefox already blocking cookies, a significant share of internet activity and prospective customers were already beyond the reach of traditional cookie-based advertising. Vodafone needed a technology that could cost-effectively reach audiences and drive incremental sales with measurable customer conversions in cookieless environments. 

Working with Quantcast, Vodafone activated performance campaigns with a customer acquisition objective. To allow comparative analysis, identical campaigns were executed, one using cookies and one entirely cookieless. With campaign objectives and constraints specified by Vodafone, Quantcast’s technology went to work using autonomous campaign optimization to select audiences, optimize the campaigns and deliver feedback through comprehensive campaign insights that include cookieless conversion reporting. Vodafone was able to directly assess how prospecting for new customers in cookieless environments compared and contrasted to cookie-based campaigns.

The cookieless campaign drove efficient incremental outcomes for Vodafone, clearly demonstrating the business advantage that can be realized today with Quantcast cookieless advertising. According to Vodafone’s post-campaign analysis, a full 40% of the total sales were generated through cookieless advertising. The quality of leads originated by cookieless advertising were markedly superior, converting to sales at a 25% higher rate, and resulting in a 20% lower cost per sale in cookieless environments.

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By anticipating the cookieless world now, brands, advertisers, and publishers can be prepared for what’s to come. Join us at IAB Audience Connect on September 13-14 for a discussion about succeeding without third-party cookies with solutions that operate in cookieless environments today. Read “The marketer’s playbook for the post-cookie world,” the new guide from Digiday and Quantcast that presents tactics that leverage the opportunities presented by cookieless environments today. Find out why m/SIX and PMG view cookieless environments as an opportunity for innovation and growth and how brands such as Symprove enable activation and measurement without cookies. 

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