The cookieless future is already upon us, as more than half of digital audiences are already cookieless.* Planning for a completely cookieless tomorrow means starting today to position your company for success before cookies are completely eliminated. Here are 3 easy steps to start succeeding in cookieless environments today:

1. Activate Cookieless Audiences with a Single Click – The best way to mitigate the loss of third-party cookies is to leverage a unified audience platform that builds on first-party data, cohorts, contextual, and more, using AI capabilities to access unique audience insights, both to plan and activate campaigns.

At Quantcast, we have hundreds of global clients running cookieless across 400+ campaigns. Integrated directly into our platform, with just one click cookieless campaigns are activated and inventory will expand to reach audiences without third-party cookies. Cookieless activation is  available globally and for a range of objectives across the customer journey, such as reach, site visits, and conversions. 

2. Measure the Impact – The Quantcast Platform can help you evaluate, measure, and optimize cookieless advertising campaigns based on what’s optimal to measure. Audience Planner provides real-time insight and research into the demographic and psychographic makeup of your ideal audience. With Quantcast, you can reach new and existing audiences that were previously inaccessible. The data you collect enables you to gather insights, predict future patterns, and effectively reach your potential customers. You can also estimate the scale of campaigns and allocate budgets on inventory without third-party cookies. 

3. Compare and Contrast with and without Cookies – With Quantcast, you can perform pre-campaign forecasting for cookieless audiences, including a number of available uniques and delivery estimates such as reach and impressions. Additionally, with the Cookieless Breakdown report, you can view performance and spend metrics in environments with and without cookies to more holistically understand how your campaigns are performing while also having the ability to optimize as you go.

The Cookieless Breakdown report gives insights into:

  • Spend toward cookieless inventory
  • Impressions served
  • Clicks recorded 
  • Expanded uniques/ reach of cookieless activation 
  • Conversions/results from delivery to cookieless inventory
  • Cost of inventory with and without cookies

Customers discover untapped audiences in cookieless environments

One of our customers, a luxury car manufacturer, achieved great success with their first cookieless campaign, with 51% of converters coming from cookieless environments. The client was able to double the overall conversions using Quantcast’s technology. 

“The Quantcast Platform is architected with consent and uses AI modeling and multiple alternative digital signals in place of third-party cookies (e.g., first-party, contextual, and additional identifiers). This positions them well for the upcoming third-party cookie deprecation.”
The Total Economic Impact™ Of The Quantcast Platform,
Forrester Consulting

Gain better business outcomes today while future-proofing for tomorrow! Read “The marketer’s playbook for the post-cookie world,” the new guide from Digiday and Quantcast that presents tactics that leverage the opportunities presented by cookieless environments today. Also be sure to join us and eMarketer on June 1 for a webinar to learn how marketers are already gaining a competitive advantage by scaling and acquiring new customers, measuring effectiveness, and driving better results with cookieless solutions now.

Discover how our customers are succeeding in today’s cookieless environments by diving into our case studies. You can also hear from a sampling of our customers about why they chose Quantcast, the benefits they receive, and what it’s like to work with our team. To learn more, contact us.

* Source: Browser Share, United States – StatCounter, March ‘22