Finding the perfect home can be a challenge, but it’s become less time-consuming with online listings and virtual tours. There are even companies that do the work for you, selecting high-quality homes in desirable neighborhoods and renting them directly to customers, determining the right fit for their needs. But to find the right customers for single-family dwellings in specific regions of the US., one major rental home provider needed help themselves, especially with the impending move to cookieless advertising

Won’t you be my neighbor?

Add3, a Seattle-based digital agency, approached Quantcast to drive leads for their home rental client as they expanded into new markets and new cookieless environments. They sought a platform partner that could deliver performant audiences well into the cookieless future. Key to this strategy was seamless planning and activation of their audiences, both 1) connecting their prospecting and retargeting campaign audiences without having to manually balance different ad tactics – a time consuming and limiting process in traditional DSPs, and 2) maximizing performance in cookieless environments.

Add3 tapped into the power of the Quantcast Platform to activate on their full-funnel audiences in cookieless environments. They leveraged Ara®, Quantcast’s AI and machine learning engine, to optimize their upper and lower funnel campaigns through automatic budget allocation, reducing the number of ad sets they needed to manage, while also providing superior results. When their client expanded to new cities, Add3 used Quantcast’s lookalike audience modeling to find consumers similar to users already visiting the home rental company’s website and submitting a lead, helping to drive net new customers. They also leveraged Quantcast’s cookieless solution to measure results and optimize towards largely untapped cookieless environments, benefiting from the incremental opportunity today.

Welcoming new neighbors…without cookies!

Even without cookies, Add3 was able to help their client welcome new prospects to the neighborhood. They exceeded their advertising objectives, successfully finding and scaling customers in environments with and without cookies. For their rental home client, Add3 successfully delivered:

  • More Nuanced Insights. Quantcast Audience Planner’s connected insights influenced Add3’s prospecting strategy. Discovering that people who visit career and job sites are 2x more likely to become a lead, they expanded their prospecting efforts to reach audiences in periods of career transition, such as recent college grads intending to move and people searching for jobs. 
  • Better Performance. The superior performance of Ara, which queries a database of over a trillion online signals in under 100 milliseconds to provide interactive and real-time insights, helped Add3 exceed their goals, resulting in a 50% increase in rental leads.
  • Maximum Scale. Quantcast’s cookieless solution provided access to incremental audiences, resulting in 80% more efficient leads in cookieless environments. This not only drove performance at scale, but also demonstrated to their client that Add3 is ready for the future now.

Chris Barr, senior account manager at Add3, affirms, “Quantcast’s one-click cookieless solution not only allows us to activate audiences without third-party cookies, but also gives us the ability to measure results and optimize campaigns toward conversions based on our prospects’ behavior in cookieless environments.” Moving forward, “Our partnership with Quantcast gives us confidence that we will be able to find and connect with our audiences wherever they are on the internet.”

Learn more

To hear more from Add3, along with Quantcast, Digital New Agency, and Index Exchange, watch the recent eMarketer Tech-Talk webinar “Let the Cookie Crumble: Take a Bite Into the Already-Cookieless Internet” or read about it here. You can read about why m/SIX and PMG view cookieless environments as an opportunity for innovation and growth and how brands such as Vodafone and Symprove enable activation and measurement without cookies. If you’re ready to get started with cookieless campaigns, click here or contact us