We’re in the era of satellites, not rocket launching, which requires a different vision of success.”

Zaid Al-Zaidy, Partner, CEO, Above+Beyond

What makes brands successful in the Age of the Audience? Firm brand roots coupled with the flexibility to bend in wind quickly, and keen sensitivity to the audience interests and needs.
This lively roundtable discussion covered strengths and weaknesses of the agency model in the face of fast-changing media consumption habits. Industry veteran, Zaid Al-Zaidy who hails from a creative background at TBWA and McCann London, alongside Ed Cox, of Havas Media’s newest agency brand, Forward Media, with moderator Alex Brownsell of M&M Global, shared insight into talent development, workplace mindset and visions of success.

The concept of engaging with ‘cross-functional tribes’ – people who tend to rally behind a common goal – is going to be critical to the next phase of the agency. We do need a more open mindset about collaborating with specialists in a certain topic.”

Ed Cox, UK Managing Director, Forward Media (Havas Media Group)

Quantcast Supernova 2016 – The Age of Audiences from Quantcast on Vimeo.