The Future of Advertising 2021 & Beyond

The world of advertising is changing even as marketers and publishers are demanding more results, more efficiency, and more reach to find new customers to help their businesses grow. Quantcast and industry experts will discuss the changes underway and explore ideas and solutions for 2021 and beyond.


Konrad Feldman, CEO Quantcast, Keynote
Konrad discusses “A Free and Open Internet” and innovations from Quantcast.

Peter Day, CTO, The Technology Behind Quantcast
Peter will demonstrate the power and technology of Quantcast.

Moderated Virtual Panel: Advertising in 2021 and Beyond
Brands, agencies and publishers will discuss the challenges, industry trends, and how to best thrive in the evolving environment.

Making Sense of the Open Internet: Practical Machine Learning for Marketers
Explore seasonal industry insights.
Explore case studies to see how Quantcast empowers brands and agencies.

Keynote Speakers

Konrad Feldman
Konrad Feldman Co-Founder & CEO | Quantcast
Peter Day
Dr. Peter Day Chief Technology Officer | Quantcast

US & Canada Event Speakers

Jason Crawford
Jason Crawford VP Display | Dentsu Media
Joella Duncan
Joella Duncan Director of Media Strategy |
Equifax Global Consumer Solutions
Shiv Gupta
Shiv Gupta Founder | U of Digital
JiYoung Kim
JiYoung Kim Chief Digital Officer | Carat USA
Viviana Machado AVP, Digital Marketing Capabilities & Innovation | TD Bank
Samantha Margolis
Samantha Margolis VP, Digital Marketing Director | Christie’s
Lomit Patel
Lomit Patel Vice President of Growth | IMVU
Mike Ru
Mike Ru Sr. Marketing Manager, Brand, Advertising, and Research Group | Microsoft
Jason Wagenheim
Jason Wagenheim President and Chief Revenue Officer |
Bustle Digital Group
Alyson Williams
Alyson Williams Senior Vice President
Digital Operations & Strategy | Forbes