Quantcast recently held our annual client summits, Quantcast Supernova, in both New York City and London. While the events are done for the year, don’t worry, the insights aren’t quite over yet. Similar to a real Supernova, Quantcast Supernovas are explosive events, the contents of which create the next generation of stars. Over the next few weeks we will be releasing videos of the incredible speakers at Supernova NY and Supernova UK. We hope that the content resonates with you and illuminates new ways for data to be used more effectively in business, society and the future.

Kicking off Supernova NY, Konrad Feldman, CEO and co-founder of Quantcast, reminds us how not only the availability of data, but also the ability to do something meaningful with that data is key to success. “This is why we’re here today,” says Feldman, “the confluence of data, culture and life and the ability for us to do beautiful things with all that we learn when these worlds collide.”

The theme of the day was “the collision of data and culture” and with this opening keynote, Feldman set the stage for the day. The potential of this collision is important. Hinting at the product announcement of Quantcast Audience Grid and some of the great thought leaders to be on the stage, the following recording is a great overview of what to look forward to from the Supernova NY sessions.


P.S. For a sneak peek of some great takeaways check out #SupernovaNY and #SupernovaUK on Twitter!