As the world becomes increasingly digital, how do physical institutions stay current? Learn from one of the world’s most reputable fine art museums about the challenges involved in embracing innovative thinking, while striving to remain loyal to history, in this session from Quantcast Supernova NY. Keynote speaker Sree Sreenivasan, Chief Digital Officer for The Metropolitan Museum of Art, shares his vision for the cultural institution and strategies for connecting the physical museum experience with the digital world.

Discover the creative ways The Met leverages data and social media to enhance the visitor experience, its plans for in-gallery technology and the lessons Sreenivasan has learned in his two years on the job. As Sreenivasan describes it, “We run a seventy-person start-up inside a 145 year old company.” It’s not other museums that he sees as the biggest competition, but rather Netflix, Candy Crush, and life in 2015.

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