Everyone needs a tolerance for failure. Failure represents the exploration of a new space, which then helps you make further developments quickly.”

Konrad Feldman, CEO and Co-Founder, Quantcast

In his opening keynote at Supernova, Konrad Feldman explored the nature of curiosity, experimentation and innovation. Taking a thought-provoking look into the past, he delved into the effects of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence on the world at large. Looking more closely at the advertising business, Feldman noted that delivering relevant digital advertising “is a really hard problem that is well suited to the application of machine learning and AI,” which enables us to develop a live view of consumer behavior to determine what will be relevant.
However the problems we set out to solve, as an industry or as a company, cannot be solved without iteration and innovation. Feldman noted that no innovations happen in a vacuum, they come from understanding how to build on the efforts and lessons of others. He encouraged the attendees to cultivate a culture of constant iteration and curiosity in order to spur innovation and achieve business goals. Implementing this culture goes hand-in-hand with a new mentality of failing fast to get to the best results.
In the spirit of rethinking the rules, Feldman left the audience with a challenge; to question the status quo, to work with businesses that are curious and to ask new questions. Don’t miss this inspirational, forward-thinking presentation, below.

Supernova 2016 Opening presentation – Konrad Feldman, CEO & Co-Founder from Quantcast on Vimeo.