Targeting Brand To Conversion. Be A Part Of Their Journey.

Reach your desired audience along their path to purchase, with accuracy, at scale, at every point of their consumer journey.

Audience Targeting

We bring data to life

Your audience isn’t static. Neither is our targeting. Harness the power of living, breathing data that:

Predicts behaviors to drive new customers

We find your next customer no matter where they are at in their journey.

Reflects audience changes in real-time

Powered by Q, our data is updated in real time as your audience’s online journey changes. No risk of stale data or out-of-market audiences.

Translates non-human signals into human behavior

Analyzing millions of data points per minute, Quantcast’s artificial intelligence sees patterns that humans cannot – to take your digital strategy to the next level.

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How it works

Name your objective. Tell us about your audience. We’ll do the rest.


You share attributes of your ideal audience (e.g., women 18-34 who love shopping, traveling and wine) or Identify your existing audience by tagging key pages on your site.


We build a custom model based on millions of available data points about your audience, such as their pre-search behaviors, demographics, and past purchases.


We find audiences and customers who fit the profile—at massive scale—then deliver your message to them at the perfect time.

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