What is audience validation?

Audience validation is a brand metric report that evaluates the desired audience composition and campaign reach toward that demographic. This metric is used to confirm if a marketing budget is appropriately used on the desired audience by comparing campaign exposure to the demographics of the audience reached. 

How does audience validation work? 

Audience validation begins by examining who has been reached by an advertising campaign. The term ‘reached’ refers to the number of persons or households that were exposed to a certain advertisement at least once during a specific time period. This report confirms if an ad has been delivered to the desired audience. 

Once this report is completed, users can gain deeper insights into how to better market to that demographic. This validation metric also gives forecasts of the potential reach possible by utilizing data to create predictions for the campaign. This report allows for the specific desired audience to be seen and understood. 

Audience verification

Audience verification is used as the first part of the audience validation process. Verification of the audience begins by analyzing the demographic information of the audience viewing the ads. Demographic information such as age, gender, and education are commonly viewed; however, other information such as geography, marital status, presence of children, household income, or home ownership can also be included. Audience verification can be used while the ad campaign is running, allowing analysis of what demographic is currently being reached. 

After the audience has been verified and the demographic analyzed, information on the keywords and phrases used by this audience is prepared. These insights can be utilized in the creation of new ad campaigns. 

Audience validation and Quantcast

HomeServe, an emergency home repair plan provider, was looking for a partner to help drive and track brand awareness while supporting ongoing direct response efforts with home insurance-seeking audiences. 

HomeServe partnered with Quantcast, and was able to pinpoint what questions customers had by analyzing what they were searching for.  Quantcast helped HomeServe identify behaviors and interests of potential customers, allowing a desired audience to be defined before campaigns were launched. With the partnership of Quantcast, HomeServe successfully grew across all major brand metrics, seeing 198% lift in brand awareness and a 60% increase in new customers.

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