Account Management Interview

Congratulations on being selected for an in-person interview at Quantcast! As part of your in-person interview process, you are required to create a presentation. Here are the necessary details for this exercise:


You should be presenting as a Quantcast Account Manager and consider the interview committee your client. We’ll be evaluating your client facing/presentation skills, your ability to perform data analysis and how you demonstrate your understanding of Quantcast and its value to performance marketers. Your goal is to ensure a renewal is captured at the same or increased spend level.

Structure of Presentation/PPT:

Intro: Quantcast Overview and Quantcast Advertise for Performance

Body: Campaign performance. Use the data in this excel document.

Content should include:

  • A year over year comparison for Q4 for both campaigns.
  • An analysis of a full year’s worth of data for both campaigns.
  • An analysis of each campaigns demographic data highlighting the differences between each campaigns “core” audience
  • Recommendation to the client for future campaigns based on demographic or campaign performance data


KPI’s and Goals:
  • The ROAS goal for campaign A is 500%.
  • The ROAS goal for campaign B is 650%.
  • The secondary goal is CPA.
  • ROAS $ = Revenue/Spend
  • ROAS % = (Revenue/Spend)*100
  • CPA = Spend/Conversions
  • Spend = (Impressions/1000)*CPM
Helpful Links:

Feel free to ask as many questions as necessary to develop your deck – the more questions asked, the better the presentation tends to be. Entire presentation, including any questions and answers will take no more than 15 minutes. We can supply a laptop for the presentation or you can bring in your own.