You should be presenting as a Quantcast Account Manager and consider the interview committee your client. You will have up to 30 minutes to present followed by questions from the committee.

Your objective in this step of the interview process is to use this opportunity to demonstrate your client facing/presentation skills, ability to perform data analysis, analyze audience data, and provide strategic recommendations.

The prompt:

Bonobos, a men’s clothing brand, has been your client since 2017 running a series of campaigns. They run two primary campaigns with one focused on driving sales for gift cards and the other focused on driving sales for pants. Both have a primary KPI of ROAS.

Your most recent campaign with them has just ended and you are scheduling a meeting with the clients to share a performance recap of historical campaigns, an audience analysis for each, and your recommendations for how to improve the campaign moving forward.

Your goal is to ensure a renewal is captured at the same or increased spend level.

What to prepare:

Please create a presentation that includes the following sections:

  • Intro: Brief Quantcast overview highlighting our services to demonstrate your understanding of Quantcast and its value to clients
  • Campaign Performance Analysis: use the data in this excel document
    • Year over year comparison for Q4 of both campaigns
    • Analysis of the full year’s worth of data for both campaign
  • Audience Insights: Review audience data to complete an analysis and audience profile for each campaign
  • Recommendations: Include both tactical and strategic recommendations on how we can improve performance and/or increase spend level for the campaign.
How you will be evaluated:
  • Presentation Skills
  • Look & Feel
  • Simplicity
  • Storytelling
  • Upsell
How you will be evaluated:
  • KPIs & Goals
    • The ROAS goal for the Gift Cards campaign is 500%
    • The ROAS goal for the Pants campaign is 650%
    • The secondary goal is CPA
  • Formulas
    • ROAS $ = Revenue/Spend
    • ROAS % = (Revenue/Spend)*100
    • CPA = Spend/Conversions
    • Spend = (Impressions/1000)*CPM
  • Helpful Links