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Audience planning, targeting and measurement at your fingertips. Own the big decisions. Automate the small ones.

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Quantcast Intelligence CloudAI-Driven Audience Targeting

InfluenceAudience Prospect Targeting

Discover the new customers that you didn't know you need to grow.

ConvertAudience Precision Targeting

Deliver the results you need with efficient and effective predictive actions.

We bring data to life

Quantcast understands the DNA of your target audience to reach them at scale across the entire Internet.

Predict behaviours to drive new customers

We find your next customer no matter where they are at in their journey.

Reflects audience changes in real-time

Powered by Q, our data is updated in real time as your audience’s online journey changes. No risk of stale data or out-of-market audiences.

Translates non-human signals into human behaviour

Analyzing millions of data points per minute, Quantcast’s artificial intelligence sees patterns that humans cannot - to take your digital strategy to the next level.