Advertise Customer Success Story The Quantcast Platform drives greater efficiencies and outstanding results for global automotive brand

  • 90%
    Improvement in CPA goal
  • 25%
    Reduction in media costs
  • 45 min
    Spent in the platform
“We have been extremely happy with how easy and user intuitive the QFM platform has been for our team, creating great efficiencies in implementation. Adding to that it has also generated results beyond what we anticipated which has meant that we are now looking at other client opportunities to use the platform in 2021.”
Chris Zoomerschoe
Performance Director

The Challenge

IKON approached Quantcast to help them increase site traffic, engagement and drive action for one of Australia’s largest automotive brands and were eager to trial the new Quantcast Platform to help deliver against their goals.

The Solution

Using a combination of Quantcast Prospecting and Retargeting solutions helped IKON deliver against their clients campaign goals.

Quantcast prospecting enabled IKON to build a highly relevant in-market audience pool for the automotive brand, tailored to the engagement points across their website.

Quantcast Retargeting then helped to re-engage those who’d previously visited the website and were still showing in-market signals for the brand.

The Results

The Quantcast Platform delivered 90% improvement in CPA goals and a 25% reduction in media costs.

The Quantcast Platform is easy to use and allows for campaigns to be set up quickly. Across a week, with just 45 minutes spent in the platform, Ikon were able to efficiently:

  • Build target audiences
  • Set campaign lives
  • Re-name creatives
  • Check performances daily (10 mins a day)
  • Post campaign analyses
  • Export campaign reports

Interested in learning more about the Quantcast Platform?

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