Quantcast Engineering Big Data is a Big Deal to Us Data Processing at Quantcast

Processing data at the speed of live.

Quantcast uses big data to create a real-time understanding of consumer behavior and deliver unmatched relevancy in digital advertising.

We ingest 1 petabyte of new data per day.

Thanks to Quantcast Measure, our groundbreaking audience measurement tool powered by tracking pixels on over 150 million web destinations, we can see real-time behavior across the entire Internet.

When combined with the data we ingest from real-time bidding (RTB) responses on ad exchanges, this data adds up to over a petabyte per day.

We process 20 petabytes of existing data daily.

As we update our data models, we look at new data coming into our systems, as well as existing stored data, to ensure that we’re creating the most accurate models possible. Doing this at our scale means that we process between 20 and 40 petabytes of data daily, and have processed up to 62 petabytes of data in a single day. This number expands as our business grows and contracts as we drive new efficiencies in our systems.

We execute 2.5 million transactions every second.

As a major programmatic advertising player, Quantcast places bids for ad units on ad exchanges in real-time. Our live data and advanced Artificial Intelligence help us do this with unrivaled accuracy and speed. We make bids on ad exchanges at a speed of 2.5 million advertisements per second.

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