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Quantcast Choice is being offered free of charge to publishers and advertisers. The solution is now available for self-service download and implementation here. If you’d like more information about the IAB consent framework or want to talk to someone about Quantcast Choice, please let us know.

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Answer a few questions about your site and advertising volume today, and we’ll give you an estimate of the revenue at risk if you don’t obtain valid consumer consent to set cookies.
To read more on GDPR, visit our GDPR Knowledge Center.

Quantcast’s commitment to GDPRPrivacy by design

Quantcast is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals. GDPR has many positive aspects and furthers our company beliefs in privacy by design, transparency, choice and control. We believe in designing privacy into every product, feature, and decision that we make around data.

Individuals should be able to easily access information about Quantcast’s data practices, including the data that we collect, what we use it for and with whom we share it. Individuals should also have choices over the data that we collect about them.

At the same time, we recognize that the GDPR and the proposed ePrivacy Regulation are introducing some technical challenges to the digital marketing industry.

We see GDPR as the opportunity to continuously improve the control and usage of online data while also ensuring the best customer, advertiser, and publisher experience possible.

GDPR Readiness

Quantcast has multiple projects underway to prepare for the GDPR.

Quantcast compliance

Quantcast has undertaken and prioritized a company-wide project to ensure that we are GDPR compliant before May 2018. That includes further strengthening our internal practices around data access, data minimization, and retention. We’ve also updated policies and contractual language to reflect GDPR compliance.

Industry leadership

Quantcast is an active participant in the IAB Europe's GDPR Implementation Working Group (GIG), to develop the industry-standard Open Transparency & Consent framework and work on common interpretations and positioning for the most important issues for the digital content and advertising sector.

Consent solution delivery

As an industry leader in privacy and data protection, Quantcast is developing Quantcast Choice, a Consent Management Provider (CMP) solution based on the IAB Europe’s Open Transparency & Consent framework. Quantcast Choice enables publishers and advertisers to obtain, manage and propagate consumer consent across the digital content and ads ecosystem.