More than 500 advertisers and marketers from across Europe came together yesterday at Quantcast’s fourth and largest ever Supernova event in London.

They heard some of the biggest names and brands in the ad world – and Hollywood – explore how technology and creativity can combine to overcome the industry’s biggest challenges, rediscover passion in advertising, and build trust between brands, publishers, and consumers.

Our own leaders – CEO Konrad Feldman and our head of engineering Peter Day – took to the stage alongside big industry names like Rory Sutherland as well as brands and publishers including Microsoft, MBNA, Homeserve, Mediacom, and the Mail Online. Jon Mew, CEO of IAB UK brought the voice of the wider industry and Dr Hannah Fry added some scientific rigour in her role as our brilliant host for the day.

The afternoon wrapped up with a fascinating insight into how technology has reinvented the world of moviemaking, with a panel including Riz Ahmed, hero of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and Hollywood special and visual effects gurus Neil Corbould and Ben Morris.

Members of the brilliant Revelation Avenue choir kicked off proceedings with a powerful rendition of You’ve Got The Love (see above).

Check out some additional highlights from the event below, and stay tuned for more insights from the day to follow.

Konrad Feldman at Supernova

Konrad Feldman, Quantcast CEO, takes to the stage to open Quantcast Supernova 2017 in London.

Peter Day Quantcast’s head of engineering speaking at Quantcast Supernova

Peter Day, Quantcast’s head of engineering in Europe busts myths about AI and machine learning, and explains how advertising can take advantage of the latest technology to reach their customers more effectively at scale.

Supernova Industry Panel featuring Mediacom MBNA Homeserve and Mail Online

Our industry panel discuss what made them first fall in love with advertising, and how the industry can continue to ignite passion among future generations of advertising professionals. L-R: Chris Binns, chief strategy officer, Mediacom; Nic Travis, senior vice president of digital marketing, MBNA; Philip Sandler, senior vice president of digital marketing, Homeserve; Sue Hunt, sales director, Mail Online.

Rory Sutherland of Ogilvy at Quantcast Supernova

Rory Sutherland, vice chairman and executive creative director, Ogilvy Group, gives a stellar keynote warning of the dangers of unimaginative thinking and perhaps the most important goal of marketers: building consumer trust.

Ryan Miles and Josje Zwinkels at Quantcast Supernova

Ryan Miles, media lead EMEA, Microsoft and Josje Zwinkels, head of EMEA, AMNET, explain how choosing what measure is the greatest challenge when it comes to digital advertising, and how they solved it for a recent campaign.

Supernova Hollywood Panel

Our Hollywood panel wrap up the day with a brilliant insight into the role technology plays in engaging cinema audiences today, and ensuring the latest effects enhance and don’t interrupt the experience. L-R: Ben Morris, creative director, Industrial Light and Magic; Riz Ahmed, actor; Dr Hannah Fry, lecturer at University College London; Neil Corbould, special effects supervisor.

Riz Ahmed at Quantcast Supernova

Hollywood actor and hero of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Riz Ahmed talks on how he made it into the movie business and the importance of encouraging the professionals of tomorrow to pursue their passions.

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