Quantcast Virtual Nova Dell’s Advertising Perspective on Conquering a Digital World

Video Transcript

My name is Anamaria Alba, and I lead demand generation marketing automation for North America B2B at Dell Technologies. And my team is focused on using media and technology to reach our customers in meaningful ways while still driving business performance.

What new challenges have emerged in the past 18 months?

The last year and a half has been a real game changer in the industry, I have to say. And really, we’ve been lucky to have Quantcast as a partner on our side, because we had to pivot our strategy, our messaging, and our investments faster than ever, but also more intelligently, because our customers’ behavior was also shifting very rapidly. So having a partner who could help us understand that shift and act quickly, while still delivering great results was huge at, you know, a year and a half ago, and it’s still huge today in what we do. So being very intelligent about the way that we use data and making sure that data is that connective tissue that drives everything that we do.

What types of first-party data do you use in your business?

We do have a pretty robust data set internally, but we still lean on the expertise of our partners to help us drive the strategy but also increase our reach. The shift to remote work and ‘as-a-service’ technology solutions makes a partner with real-time data, like Quantcast, essential. So really being able to partner with somebody who can grow along with us at the same pace, and help us reach scalability while still delivering great results as we go through that digital acceleration, leaning into first-party data, artificial intelligence, and automation, and finding ways to bring all of that together to make it real. So it’s not just being ahead and having all of the pieces ready, all of the technology and the data ready but also understanding: what does the future look like, and how do we use that data to drive what we do every day?

What are some key opportunities you’ll be pursuing in your digital marketing strategy?

As we move into the future, we are truly leaning on data to drive personalization at scale–driving scale–while still reaching our customers in ways that are relevant and that are appropriate to the medium that we’re reaching them in. Leveraging things like search-powered audiences, intent-based targeting, and really understanding where our customers are in their journey at a given time, and how we should reach them. So having that full understanding of the customer journey by using our data is going to be key in doing what we do but doing it in the way of the future.

What’s it like working with Quantcast?

I am a huge fan of Quantcast because we’ve been working together for a really long time. But for Dell, Quantcast has truly been a strategic innovation partner for many, many years. They’ve been part of so many media transformation projects, and I’m excited for, you know, what the future holds. But we really enjoy working with our Quantcast team. Because they get it–they take the time to understand our priorities, to understand our pain points. And they work with us, side by side, on creative and innovative problem-solving. So at Dell, we like to foster a culture of testing and it’s great to have a partner by our side who is not afraid to take risks and have crazy ideas that might become, you know, the future of how we do things. I believe that our biggest asset is our partners and Quantcast is definitely in the top of the list.

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