FloSports started as a niche sports site that covered track and wrestling. They’ve now grown, covering more sports than ever before, like basketball, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and more. Their usual advertiser is someone who wants to reach athletes.

However, their Sales team wanted to increase the number of non-endemic deals won. Convincing non-endemic advertisers that a cross-platform sports site is a good place to spend money seemed like it was going to be very difficult. FloSports had a high-level view of their properties, but the more granular data was disjointed.

“Since using Measure Enterprise, we’ve seen our non-endemic revenue increase 70% from last year.”

Matt Miller, Director of Sales Development, FloSports


Quantcast Measure Enterprise allowed FloSports to see their audience data by individual property and vertical, as well as at the aggregate network view. Surprisingly, they discovered that FloRodeo’s audience was 72% female even though the team had assumed it was majority male. Now they could go deep with their data when they needed to tell a more nuanced story to advertisers. They could also change their content strategy to keep those FloRodeo visitors more engaged and likely to return.



  • In 2016, 30% of proposals sent out were to non-endemic advertisers


  • In 2017, 60% of proposals sent out were to non-endemic advertisers
  • Average proposal size increased by 80%
  • Non-endemic revenue increased by 70%
  • More web traffic
  • More subscriptions



Quantcast Measure Enterprise helped FloSports win over new advertisers that wouldn’t have given them the time of day before. FloSports achieved their success because Quantcast provided them with granular audience insights, accurate data, and product training for the whole team.

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