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What to expect?

The on-site will be about an hour, with the pitch portion lasting around 20-25 minutes.

You will be pitching in front of some managers & team members you met previously, in addition to Mady Lombard (our Head of Inside Sales).

After the pitch, you will receive around 15 minutes of feedback, followed by an informal Q&A for the remaining time.

We’re here to help! If you have any questions, please contact your recruiter.

Quick Tips

  • Pitch your current or prior company: don’t worry about pitching Quantcast, we want you to focus on something that you’ve had success selling in the past.
  • This is a new business pitch – your goal is to try to progress the next step in the sales process with a net-new prospect (you can assign roles to the people in the room).
  • Be conversational and ask exploratory questions about the prospect, discover their pains
  • Predict and be able to address any objections that may come up.

Required elements

  • Discovery questions
  • Product summary
  • Have a deck prepared, using it only to reference your points
  • Close the Quantcast team, make sure to secure the next steps necessary to move the deal forward

Where people go wrong

  • This is a first pitch with a new business you have not yet worked with. Do not assume you know the pain points or current state of the business. Utilize your own discovery during the role play in order to understand the client.
  • This is a role/play, do not treat this as a hypothetical. You should be actively pitching to the people in the room.
  • Do not read your slides out loud – this is not a presentation or demo, but a conversation to pitch and provide value-add.

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