Interview Exercises Client Presentation Account Management: Dublin


This is a role play situation where you are tasked with an “up-sell/cross sell” presentation to an existing client of yours. You will present to two interviewers.


  • Use a real-life client example that you have worked with in the past/currently, one that you know very well. Our interviewers will act as your chosen client and the roles you have assigned them.
  • You will also assign yourself a role and pick a product (or service) that you will upsell. We encourage you to act as yourself in your current position. – i.e. “I am acting as myself, an AM from X company and I am going to be discussing our Mobile offering today. You are Y company (an existing client of mine) and I am going to be presenting to the Marketing Manager and Performance Manager.”
  • The interviewers will ask questions as the client throughout and they will look for you to pitch from start to close.
  • Send a “brief”/summary ahead of time to your Recruiter stating who you are playing, what the scenario is: product, client, situation to date etc. This enables the presenters to prepare effectively on who they are as the client and prepare good, relevant questions.

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