Quantcast Measure profiles now include the Cross-Platform report, which provides a property’s traffic numbers specific to each platform: web, mobile web and mobile apps. The new report is available directly on Measure profiles, and can be accessed simply by scrolling down or by using the navigation bar on the left side of the profiles.
2015 saw the continued rise of mobile devices and other new platforms such as connected TVs, making it more important than ever to understand what platform users are accessing a property on. Measure users had previously been able to get traffic reporting by platform on the classic Measure profile within the Traffic report, and by making this available in its own report with an improved design it’s even easier for Measure users to understand how a property’s traffic is distributed across various platforms.

Quantcast Measure data

What’s New?

With the new report, you can see traffic numbers for each platform measured as either uniques, visits or page views. Note that there is no mobile apps equivalent of a page view. Additionally, the table beneath the graph provides a clear percentage breakdown of a property’s traffic across devices.
The report includes the same easy-to-use graph controls that were introduced in the new Traffic report. Explore platform trends by choosing the date range you want to view, including 30 days, 90 days, 365 days, a calendar month, or your own custom date range. We also added a line view in order to directly compare platforms with each other. You can find this line view in the Traffic report as well to compare the traffic of a specific country with the rest of the world.
For example, Wikia, a social universe for fans (by fans) has a monthly audience of over 175 million monthly uniques. Using the custom date range selector, we can set the graph to include data starting in 2013, and we can clearly see an increasing trend of mobile web traffic. In recent years, Wikia’s mobile web traffic has tripled. Wikia uses this sort of traffic insight, coupled with other audience insights from Measure, to help drive its ad sales for its 400,000 different fan communities.

Quantcast Measure - Wikia

Learn More

To learn more about the Cross-Platform report and other insights available in Quantcast Measure, be sure to check out our help guides.
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