We’re excited to announce the launch of new Audience Grid Reports in Quantcast Measure, providing anonymized insights into US audiences’ offline shopping, media consumption and occupation interests. The reports are powered by the Quantcast Audience Grid and our partners including IRI, TiVo Research, Oracle Datalogix, V12 Group, Relevate Auto, and NetWise Data.

The Quantcast Audience Grid is the largest open data platform in digital advertising. It applies Quantcast’s leading data processing and data modeling capabilities to dramatically increase the reach and accuracy of any data applied to online and mobile app audiences. With the new Audience Grid reports in Measure marketers, agencies, web and mobile app publishers can find new audience insights down to the article, blog post or ad placement, across thousands of data points. As a publisher you can choose to promote your valuable audiences using these insights in your public Quantcast Measure profile.

There are three sets of reports: Shopping Interests, Media Interests and Business & Occupation, and we’ll be adding more soon.

Shopping Interests

The Shopping Interests Reports provide insights on an audience’s offline purchase behavior in Automotive, Packaged Goods, Apparel, Consumer Electronics, Home Goods, Restaurants, Travel, and other retail categories. The index values in this report indicate how much more likely someone who visits this property is to own or be interested in purchasing a given product category or brand compared to the average Internet user. For example, an index of 1.66x for Land Rover in Owned Make & Model means that visitors to this property are 66% more likely to be Land Rover owners than the average Internet user (or app user, if the property is an app).

Media Interests

The Media Interests report helps you understand the media consumption habits of an audience. Currently the data covers anonymized TV viewing behavior, with more categories coming soon. The index values in this report indicate how much more likely a property’s users are to view a specific TV show compared to the average Internet user. For example, an index of 1.15x for Baseball means that baseball fans are 15% more likely to have visited this property than the average Internet user (or app user if the property is an app).

Business & Occupation

The Business & Occupation report includes data on the audience’s interest in a given industry or job function. The index values indicate how much more likely someone who visits this property is to have a particular job compared to the average Internet user. For example, an index of 1.68x for Law in the Employer’s Industry report means that users who work in a law firms are 68% more likely to have visited this property than the average Internet user.

Using the reports

Reports powered by Quantcast’s Audience Grid make use of anonymized data provided by one or more data partners. When multiple data sources are available for a given category, you can select which one to view. The categories of data available and the reporting results may vary based on the data source you choose. You can find more information about the data partners and how their data is generated here.

Each report has a summary view with a quick overview of the audience data available, and a detailed sheet providing granular insights for example down to the individual brand or TV show. The Details view allows you to roll up and drill down, and to search for specific data using keyword-based filtering.

Putting Audience Insights to Use

You can use the Audience insights in a number of ways:

Support advertising sales and business development efforts

Attract new brand advertisers by showing the offline purchasing habits of your property’s users. For example, as a publisher you might discover that your readers are more likely to purchase baby food than average, a product that is not typically associated with your audience, and use this insight to close an advertising or sponsored content deal.

Optimize content to appeal to valuable users

Using the Media Interests report combined with Audience Segments, you might find that your regular subscribers audience segment index highly for comedy shows such as Saturday Night Live, and then adjust your content to appeal to those more valuable users.

Pre and Post Campaign Marketing insights

As a marketer or agency you can use Quantcast Measure to understand the characteristics of your valuable audiences to optimize creative or targeting before running a campaign. After the campaign, if you’ve included Measure tracking in your ads, you can get insights on the audience exposed to your ads.

How to Get Involved

As always, the valuable audience data provided through Quantcast Measure is free and publicly available at quantcast.com. Measure users have full control over what data is shared publicly for their profiles. Publishers interested in getting Quantcast Measure profiles including Audience Grid insights can get them free by signing up at quantcast.com/measure. Advertisers and data providers interested in learning more about Quantcast Audience Grid should contact Quantcast at QAGinquiries@quantcast.com or visit www.quantcast.com/audience-grid.

Note on Consumer Privacy and Anonymity

The Audience Grid reports adhere to Quantcast’s commitment to privacy and consumer anonymity. Quantcast Measure data has always been collected anonymously, with conclusions about behaviors based on statistical modeling of mass volumes of data points rather than relying upon connecting activities to actual identities. Similarly, all of the data in the Audience Grid, regardless of source, has been anonymized.

What Publishers are saying about the Audience Grid reports:

“The types of insights made available in Quantcast Audience Grid help us get hyper-specific about the intended viewer of our content-focused campaigns. With holistic, multi-attribute data Federated Media is able to design custom creative combined with targeted media and can ultimately deliver a better campaign and better results for our clients.”

  • Megan Groves, Director of Analytics & Insights, Federated Media

“Quantcast gives us access to compelling, global data about our audience, gathered through a trusted, quantifiable reporting methodology. These behavioral insights enable us to better understand our users and to tell a positive story to our potential clients.”

  • Gabrielle Mayer, Director of Client Services, SoundHound

“We’re excited to see Quantcast Audience Grid layer more audience data into Quantcast Measure. Quantcast Measure has been incredibly valuable for us not only in characterizing our diverse audiences beyond their contextual relevance, but also in making them actionable.”

  • Scott Messer, Sr. Director, Business Development, Demand Media

“Where Quantcast Measure provides some of the best value for us in in the detailed audience insights we’re able to glean on each of our O&O properties, as well as across our ”network” of sites. With the launch of interest-level reporting, we now have greater detail on shopping interests, industry & occupation, and other insights. I’m looking forward to even more datasets and insight into our audiences as Quantcast builds out their reporting and analytics.”

  • Todd Handy, Vice President, Advertising Strategy & Products, Deseret Digital Media

Posted by Tim Wright, Senior Director, Product Management