Today we are thrilled to announce a significant first step towards a more powerful Quantcast Measure with the beta release of a fully redesigned profile page.

We have big plans in store for Measure. The new profiles make it easier and faster for you to find the audience insights you need, and will accommodate new reports as we add them. In this post, we’ll highlight just a few of the improvements we’ve made (and there will be more coming soon!):

New headers provide a handy snapshot

The new profile header presents a clear summary of the property being viewed, along with top level traffic numbers, rank, and a brief description of the property. All profile level controls are now centralized in a single place at the top of the profile that is persistent as the user scrolls down the profile. Publishers can easily view a different audience segment, change the country filter, or access help from anywhere in the profile.

New navigation to more easily browse your property

Navigation to different parts of a property is now performed via a property selector panel that slides down from the top nav.

A cleaner, easier to use Traffic chart

The new traffic graph makes it easier to see top level summary numbers for a given time period while enabling the flexibility of getting into the details. See trends and totals for the past 30/60/365 days or calendar month with click in the date range controller on the right side of the report. Dig into the details by clicking on any point to see granular data or selecting a custom date range of your choice. The Rest of the World toggle allows you to simultaneously showcase both your selected country traffic as well as your global traffic.

Help where you need it

Each report also has its own guides immediately available to help you understand how to make use of the data in context. They will help you understand how we define and calculate all metrics included in the report, as well as provide helpful tips on how to best use this data.

All of your insights, all on one page

All of the reports are logically grouped and ordered in an easy to read single page. No more need to click back and forth from one report to another. Simply scroll down to browse the reports, or jump straight to a report of your choice with the persistent side navigation. With all reports on the same page, you can quickly access all the audience information you are looking for.

How to access the New Profile

To try out the new beta product for yourself, click on the “Try New Measure (beta)” button located on the top right corner of your profile page.

There are some reports that we haven’t yet added to the new Measure profile, so if you need to use them just click on the “Measure Classic” button to go back to the old profile.

Much More to Come

We’re also still hard at work on new reports and features to add to Measure. Keep an eye on Measure over just the coming weeks – we have some big things in store that we’ll be announcing at our Supernova Summit in New York on October 8th.

We Want Your Feedback!

The design of the new profiles is the result of extensive interviews and research with you, our users, to understand how you’re using the product and make it better. We’d love to hear your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to email us your thoughts.

If you want to dive deeper into the design theory behind these exciting new changes, read this post from Quantcast’s Principal UX Designer, Jonathan Smiley.