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Quantcast is a participant in both the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) and the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) and is committed to ensuring the data we analyze is fairly collected and used. We understand people are concerned about privacy, and we believe unwaveringly that consumers are entitled to both notice and choice across all interactive media platforms. Only through transparency can we all make informed choices.

Our Top Tenets

  1. We believe in notice and choice.
  2. We believe all consumers should be equipped with the information necessary to make choices.
  3. We do not intentionally use Personally Identifiable Information, or PII. Ever. In fact, our business is specifically designed to never need PII, and our Terms of Service explicitly forbid any partner to send us PII.

What exactly is PII?

PII is personal information like your name, your cellphone number, your face or your email address.

Again, we don’t use it.

Why is it good to participate, and allow online advertising?

Internet advertising allows content providers of all sizes and means to give you entertainment, information and more, without having to charge you for it. Instead of making you pay for their content, they make a living by selling ad space on their sites. Then they make you smile, laugh, cry or feel inspired, or any of the other experiences you enjoy when you receive their content, for free.

Observing and comparing anonymous browsing patterns allows us to help those content providers serve you ads that are pertinent to your life. If you’re a 25 year-old male, do you really want to see ads for Oil of Olay? Ok, maybe you’re the exception. In any case, this is among the reasons measurement is good for the Internet, and good for you.

That said, maybe you don’t like advertising and tracking more than you like free content, or care to support the people and entities who make it. Or, maybe you would prefer to see the same ads as everyone else, like when you watch TV.

Both are perfectly valid positions. In that case, here is some essential information you should have:

If you choose to opt out, what exactly are you opting out of?

By clicking on the opt out icon above, you are choosing not to receive Quantcast enabled interest-based content and advertisements in the browser you opt out from. You are also choosing not to have Quantcast measure your pattern of website browsing or other online media consumption from that browser. If you would like to opt out of Quantcast’s collection and use of mobile app data, you may do so through the device-level advertising preference setting available in the settings menus of your iOS and/or Android devices.

This doesn’t mean you won’t be receiving interest-based content and advertisements from other (non-Quantcast) technology solutions or companies. We can only control the ads we serve.

Furthermore, be aware that even if you opt out of Quantcast enabled advertisements, you may find you still receive an ad from us.

It’s because sometimes, you will just happen to be browsing at the same time and place as someone else who serves as a “lookalike” model. This doesn’t mean you are the model. They are the model. We are serving the ad to them. You just happen to be there. Also, it can take a day or so for all opt-outs to filter through our system.

How do you do it?

Just click on the opt out icon above.

What about the cookie thing?

Quantcast’s opt-out tool is cookie based, so for it to work for you, your browser must allow third party cookies. If you change computers, browsers or delete this cookie, we will no longer know you have opted out, so you will need to opt-out again.