Forrester Consulting named the Quantcast Platform as a “next-generation DSP 2.0” in a recent Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study. For the report, Forrester interviewed advertisers and marketers at leading brands and agencies to evaluate the business impact of using the Quantcast Platform for advertising on the open internet. Forrester found that when compared to traditional DSPs, the Quantcast Platform offered:

  • 44% increase in customer conversions: The Quantcast Platform increases audience reach and conversion rates across display and video campaigns, thereby increasing sales and profits.
  • 50% time savings: The Quantcast Platform is intuitive, easy to use, and halves the time spent by digital media team traders on planning, activation, campaign management, and reporting tasks.

This finding is echoed by many other customers who are using the Quantcast Platform to know and grow their audiences. So what makes the Quantcast Platform both effective and efficient? How can it reach more people, drive more conversions, and stretch your ad dollars further, all while saving you time and effort so you can focus on marketing innovation? 

Deliver superior results, at scale

“What Quantcast brings to the table that we don’t really get elsewhere is the scale of the data and the intelligence of [its] model. It shows with the efficiency that we get through Quantcast that we just don’t get elsewhere.”

Performance Media Associate Manager
Financial Services Brand

At the very core of the Quantcast Platform is a unique combination of real-time, first-party data and Ara, our patented AI and machine learning engine. These elements work together to deliver superior results across your brand and direct response campaigns. 

Leverage unique, real-time data to reach new audiences

The Quantcast Platform leverages the Quantcast Measure dataset, which directly collects live data from over 100M+ web and mobile destinations. This robust, diverse, and future-proofed data set, built over the last 10+ years, offers a unique, real-time view into ever-changing consumer behavior. As a result, instead of using loosely classified third-party data segments, you can build custom audience segments based on live data and precisely reach customers based on their ever-changing behavior, interest, and intent. This data is also a strong foundation for a world without third-party cookies and is enabling cookieless solutions in the platform today. 

“[Quantcast] puts a lot of emphasis on not compromising customer PIIs (personal identifiable information) and operating in the cookieless world. So, I know the data we get wouldn’t be any risk, and it helps to know that the data that we monitor won’t pose any risks.”

Growth Marketing Manager
Paid Acquisition
Financial Services Brand 

Leverage the power of AI to achieve stellar performance and stretch your ad dollars further

With Ara, you just have to choose the outcome you want during campaign setup, and the machine learning engine does the rest. 

  • It creates a custom predictive model for every campaign to detect consumer behavior patterns and predict their intent. This enables you to reach relevant audiences at scale, increasing both your reach and conversion rate. 
  • It monitors campaigns in real time to automatically adjust thousands of parameters, to constantly update the bid strategy for optimal campaign performance. This enables you to buy better performing inventory at an optimal price, stretching your ad dollars further than other DSPs. 

Ara automates the automatable to deliver superior results, at scale.

“It’s taken the manual purchases away from me, and it optimizes as we go along. It’s just getting cleverer as we spend more money and more time on the site. We [are] always refining which audiences we’re looking for and Quantcast has really helped find our new audiences.”

Agency Account Manager
Auto Marketplace Brand
Save valuable time and effort

The Quantcast Platform frees up your time so that you can focus on creativity and innovation—finding new audiences to reach, experimenting on messaging and creatives with A/B tests, and iterating on your strategy. The platform delivers ease of use, not only with an intuitive interface, but also with underlying systems that have been engineered for seamless execution.

Plan, activate, and measure in only a few steps in a single, unified platform

The Quantcast Platform unifies planning, activation, and measurement and puts audiences at the very center. The same audiences that are built in planning can then be activated with a single click, as the underlying data is the same. This ensures audience fidelity across workflows and gives you the confidence that your planning and targeting strategy was faithfully executed in activation. It also allows for effective collaboration across large teams. Our customers consistently recognize the platform’s user experience as being intuitive and facilitating easy onboarding of new users.

“Quantcast is very easy to use, it’s very intuitive, and it [has] saved quite a bit of time.”

Associate Director
Media Brand 

Get granular insights in seconds, not hours

The Quantcast Platform delivers audience and campaign insights at your fingertips. Ara’s custom-built audience analytics turns a trillion online signals into an insights playground and surfaces actionable insights with a highly intuitive, interactive, and instantaneous experience. You don’t need to spend time on data manipulation and can instead focus on crafting rich audience stories with real-time insights on browsing interests, purchase behaviors, web domain affinity, occupations, devices, demographics, psychographics, and more. The Insights Lab section of the Quantcast Platform empowers you with effortless campaign insights and intuitive visualizations to adapt your strategy and drive better business results.

“We can get insights from the Quantcast team, but [we can] also do a lot ourselves in understanding the scale of what a keyword is, [building] our own proposed audience, and [being] able to report back to the client quickly. The intuitiveness and comprehensiveness of the planning portion of the platform has been really helpful.”

Performance Media Associate Manager
Financial Services Brand

Learn more

To find out more about the benefits that both brands and agencies may expect to gain when using the Quantcast Platform, download the full Forrester TEI study here: The Total Economic Impact™ Of The Quantcast Platform. You can also watch a recorded webinar with Forrester’s Lead Analyst, who will walk you through the findings and methodology of the TEI study.