Native ads are paid ads that match the look and feel of the website, app, or social network on which the ad is displayed. This facilitates seamless blending of the ad into the content of the page. The advantage of native ads is that they are more likely to be trusted content and clicked on because of the integration with website content. Native ads are also perceived as less disruptive to the user because they are so integrated into the page. Native ads are built from individual components that are assembled dynamically to mirror the aesthetic of each publisher. Each native ad has a different look and feel, depending on how the publisher shows the ad. There are two main types: 1. In-feed ads are placed in article and content feeds. As consumers scroll the listing of article summaries, editorial is mixed with native ad units, providing an uninterrupted flow. 2. Content recommendation ads are displayed alongside other editorial content, ads, or paid content. They are typically found below or alongside publisher content, such as an article or in a feed. For more digital ad formats, see banner display adsrich mediamobile adsvideo adssocial ads, and connected TV (CTV).