What is brand advertising?

The goal of brand advertising is to foster long-term positive recognition by establishing brand identity, credibility, and loyalty and connecting with prospects intellectually and emotionally. Its primary aim is to get people to believe in something. Brand advertising is a strategy used by organizations to build consumer loyalty and increase their customer base. Brand advertising also creates an immediate and favorable response to specific products or companies, which may be accomplished through jingles, images, catch-phrases, or hashtags. 

What does branding include?

To be effective in reaching consumers and building customer loyalty, an organization must consider various elements of branding. Certain elements draw consumers to the brand and can influence their choices.  

Logo – Logos, being the first thing consumers recognize about an organization, are an important detail to image. Often, a logo is used on everything the company or organization produces. It must speak to the brand’s identity. Colors, fonts, and images used in a logo should be unique and recognizable. 

Slogan – The company tagline, also known as a slogan, is just as important as logos. A slogan is how the company conveys its particular product to consumers. Individuals worldwide see or hear “Just do it” or “Eat fresh” and can immediately identify the company. Taglines add context to a logo by telling the consumer what an organization does and what to expect. 

Sponsorship – Consumers want to trust and buy from reputable companies. To establish credibility, companies can show their support for various organizations, such as relevant charities or by sponsoring community events. 

Types of Brand Advertisements

Brand advertising – Brand advertising is used to build a connection with consumers through exposing them to the brand repeatedly. While it is possible to track this type of advertising, it is complicated.  

Direct response marketing – This type of marketing offers more immediate results and motivates the customer to make a purchase. Marketers can easily track campaign performance using the direct response method. This type of marketing includes emails, social media ads, and direct mail.

How Does Brand Advertising Add Value to a Brand?

The objective of brand advertising is to attract and maintain customers. When an organization is successful at this, they add value to their brand. However, brand advertising is more than getting customers. There must be a connection between the brand and customer, which creates brand loyalty.

Brand Advertising Strategies

Assess the competition

It is imperative for companies to know competition by researching sales statistics and what strategies are used to sell products. Companies need to know if competitors are using online marketing vs. traditional advertising and what price point products fall under. The research will produce a competitive analysis which will allow for a comparison of new products joining the market with existing ones. 

Customer research

Using a market research team helps determine different demographic trends and customer pain points. Taking this information into account, companies can develop a buyer persona, a representative ideal customer base, to efficiently push products. 

Begin creating advertising content

Organizations should find out who their ideal customer base is and what message will impact them the most. Using creative and attention-getting content will draw customers in and encourage them to take action.

Choose a marketing channel

Marketing channels include websites and search engines that will direct customers to the company website, typically an e-commerce page. This type of marketing allows companies to pay for an ad only when it is clicked on, which is called pay-per-click. There is also the option of paying for an ad space with traditional advertising on TV and radio, which would go through a sales team.

Find influencers

An innovative way to build a brand is with influencers. Influencers use various media platforms and can help navigate the waters of social media. Creating a partnership with an influencer can assist in reaching more customers in a way that cannot be done by an automated advertising algorithm. 

Examples of Brand Advertising

Nike has created an image that people will recognize and associate with their brand. The Nike colors, slogan, and images are simple and effective ways of reaching customers. Additionally, Nike has used famous athletes to promote their brand and connect with their customers.

Adidas is another brand that has creative advertising and a distinctive logo that is easily recognizable. To increase trust in the company, Adidas produced a video taking viewers on a tour of their factory and showing the process of making shoes. This allowed consumers to view Adidas as an open and honest company.

Apple uses a more minimalistic approach to advertising which matches the design of the devices they offer. It is not difficult to identify an Apple product or an Apple commercial by the logo alone.