Tommie Copper’s compression apparel is designed to help people get back to doing what they love. Because their customers are constantly on the go and need information quickly, Tommie Copper wanted to use digital advertising to reach new, incremental customers on their mobile devices.

Our target audience is increasingly accessing the web via their mobile devices. By adding Quantcast’s Mobile targeting capabilities, we reached new, incremental customers while surpassing our ROI expectations.”

Tim Shea, Head of Digital Marketing, Tommie Copper

With its live data set and visibility into the entire mobile web audience, Quantcast ran a mobile advertising campaign to drive incremental conversions for Tommie Copper.

  • Mobile Web Targeting: Quantcast influenced shoppers to make a purchase using highly relevant mobile web ads.
  • Audience Insights: Tommie Copper learned that their core customers skewed older in age (55+) and were more likely to make purchases on their tablets.


  • 1.3X Mobile-specific ROAS campaign goal
  • 338% Increase in smartphone conversions
  • 141% Increase in tablet conversions