Founded in 1967, the San Antonio Spurs are a National Basketball Association (NBA) team known for their consistency year after year. Being the only professional sports team in San Antonio, Texas, the Spurs have a special connection with their fan base and looked for an advertising solution that could reach fans specifically looking for single game tickets, value-night tickets or resale tickets, at scale.

Quantcast has delivered significant value for us. Not only does their insight into the entire Internet audience drive great results for our digital campaigns, but it has also informed our media spend in other marketing channels.”

Jordan Mandelkorn, Marketing Manager, The San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs chose Quantcast’s Complete Targeting solution to efficiently grow their ticket sales by identifying high-potential prospects similar to the Spurs’ current fan base.

  • Efficient Prospecting: Quantcast minimized wasted impressions by targeting people who most closely matched the online behaviors and patterns of the Spurs’ existing online ticket purchasers.
  • Smart Retargeting: Quantcast kept the Spurs top of mind with potential ticket purchasers by identifying and converting the Spurs’ highest-value website visitors.
  • Audience Insights: With Quantcast-provided data, the Spurs learned that their fans were most likely to make ticket purchases on Friday afternoons. This information helped to inform advertising messaging and to manage daypart targeting for other channels, such as television.

The Quantcast campaign delivered:

  • 850% ROAS, beating the campaign goal by 3X.
  • Ticket buyers prospected by Quantcast converted 5X more than the site average.
  • Insights into purchasers’ media behavior helped inform a more efficient and effective media mix.