Brand Safety

Online Brand Safety: Questions for Suppliers and Facilitators

Content Verification Tools

  1. Do you offer an ABC accredited content verification tool to block or report, in real time, the serving of an online advertisement onto destinations that have been defined as inappropriate to the advertiser’s campaign?
  2. If so, which one and how is it configured and used?

Appropriate/Inappropriate Schedules

  1. Do you enable appropriate/inappropriate schedules (AKA white lists/ black lists) to minimise the risk of ad misplacement?
    Yes, we enable an inappropriate schedule on all campaigns and, on request, an appropriate schedule may also be used on a campaign specific basis.
  2. If so, please state the policy for appropriate and/or inappropriate schedules and explain how this is agreed by the buyer, pre-delivery of ads.
    An inappropriate schedule is used on all campaigns and prevents a bid being made to serve an ad impression on any of the listed sites. It is regularly updated with reports from CV Tools when used on campaigns, from reviews of domains served on during campaigns and from ad-hoc requests from clients. Clients may add additional sites to the schedule on a campaign specific basis.
    When it is agreed during the Insertion Order process that a client’s own appropriate schedule should be used then ad buying for that campaign is restricted to sites on this list.

Take Down Policy

  1. Please state or reference documentation which explains how you monitor delivery of ads, your ad take down policy and any contractual consequences of this policy not being implemented.
    We regularly review the domains that ads are served on and also receive reports from Content Verification Tools on campaigns where these tools are used. Upon discovery or notification of inappropriate sites or content, our inappropriate schedule is updated which in real time applies the block to all campaigns from that time on. Contractual elements of this policy are IO specific.
  2. Reported ads are taken down within max. 2 working days.