There’s something fishy about some of today’s marketing techniques.

Take retargeting for example. When marketers retarget customers based on previous site visits, they’re fishing in a small pond of finite candidates—ponds prone to catch-and-release practices that target and re-target the same candidates over and over again.

As if our own frustrating experience trapped in these cycles wasn’t proof enough, research shows that blind retargeting isn’t only unproductive but counterproductive. A majority of Internet users say that overexposure from retargeting vendors is both irritating and leaves them more likely to put off buying.

The flaws of traditional retargeting extend beyond obsolete algorithms and measurement systems, however.

To share our innovative solutions to effective retargeting, Quantcast compiled understanding online targeting tactics though a connected strategy. In this guide we highlight effectively balancing retargeting with prospecting, differentiating between clickers and buyers, and how to avoid counterproductive competition between your partners.

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