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What the Adtech: Let’s Talk Responsible Advertising

Somer Simpson - Let the Adtech Host
Host Somer Simpson Responsible Advertising Advocate

Over the past few years, consumers have started holding advertisers’ feet over the fire, forcing them to be more conscious about ethics in advertising and intentional about the content they use, the teams behind the campaigns, and overall investments in media.

In this podcast, listeners will be given access to industry leaders–from those powering the advertising industry, protecting consumers, and funding diversity, to the minds building the artificial intelligence that powers our digital age. In each episode, you’ll hear thought-provoking, honest, and raw conversations about the future of ethics in advertising, and what it means for marketers, publishers, and consumers today.

Our host, Somer Simpson, responsible advertising advocate and former journalist herself, will bring you along her journey to uncover the history of an ad-funded publishing world, where the industry has failed to see dilemmas, and the persistent fight for a free and open internet.

Grab your headphones and join us for Season 1. You can now listen below and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Stitcher.

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