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Advertising in 2021 and Beyond

Quantcast’s first-ever Virtual NOVA was a tremendous success. If you missed the live event, you can view it here now. Learn from experts at Bustle Digital Group, Carat, Christie’s, Dentsu Media, Equifax Global Consumer Solutions, Forbes, IMVU, Microsoft, TD Bank, and U of Digital.

Making Sense of the Open Internet:
Practical Machine Learning for Marketers

Peter will explore how machine learning technology—when combined with human ingenuity and creativity—can unlock new possibilities and great results for marketers.

  • Turn vast amounts of data into real-time insights about consumer interests and intent
  • Use machine learning to reach people based on forward-looking intent
  • Uniquely evaluate, price, and bid on every impression while optimizing reach and performance
  • Make sense of the complex ever-evolving open internet


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