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March 2021 Newsletter

This Month’s Spotlight

Virtual NOVA: Advertising in 2021 and Beyond
Join us for an industry discussion about the changes underway in the advertising world and to explore ideas and solutions for 2021 and beyond. Our speakers include Konrad Feldman, CEO, and Peter Day, CTO, as well as industry experts from Bustle, Carat, Christie’s, Dentsu, Equifax, Forbes, IMVU, Microsoft, TD Bank, and U of Digital. Don’t miss out!


IAB Annual Leadership Meeting (ALM)

Join us at this year’s IAB Annual Leadership Meeting as we discuss identity and bias in AI. Quantcast-sponsored sessions include:

  • “The Center of Everything: A Path to Consumer-First Identity” – Keynote by Konrad Feldman, CEO at Quantcast, followed by a panel discussion with leading experts from Dentsu Media, Future plc, and U of Digital
  • “Dealing with AI Bias” – Fireside chat with Peter Day, CTO at Quantcast, and Patrick Hall, Principal Scientist at
SXSW: Content or Clickbait?: Championing Brand Integrity
Join us as Somer Simpson, VP of Product Management at Quantcast, challenges the news echo chamber we have created and provides solutions for marketers, publishers, and consumers to drive brand integrity and accountability in a free and open internet.

    On-Demand Webinars

    IAB Consent Management Solution
    Privacy concerns have never been more top of mind for consumers and businesses alike. Hear from Heinz Bauman, Head of Product – Privacy & Identity at Quantcast, as he breaks down the role CMPs play in the advertising ecosystem.
    The 3P’s of Demystifying AI for Marketers
    Ingrid Burton, CMO at Quantcast, addresses the benefits of AI, which can be characterized as the 3P’s — patterns, preferences, & predictions — showing that AI is math, not magic!

    Quantcast in the News

    What 2020 Taught Marketers About Data and AI
    There is a strong need for marketers to understand their data and models to make predictions about the future. This may sound more difficult than it has to be. But thanks to data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, it’s doable. Written by Forbes Council Member and Quantcast CMO, Ingrid Burton.
    13 Common Mistakes That Can Derail Your AI
    If you’re looking to implement artificial intelligence in your business, make sure you go in with a well-considered plan. 13 experts from Forbes Technology Council – including Quantcast CEO Konrad Feldman – share common mistakes to watch out for when implementing AI.

    Marketer’s Pulse: What You Need To Know Now

    Our View on a Post-Cookie World and Identity
    For the open internet to thrive while respecting consumer privacy, new identifiers will require innovation, interoperability, and industry standards. We’re shaping the future of the open internet, together.
    The Road to Recovery: Who’s Buying Cars in 2021?
    With people working from home during the pandemic, the automotive industry stalled but has restarted in surprising ways. Quantcast reviewed its 2020 data to reveal new trends for car consumers.
    Polarizing Pets: How Do Dog People Differ from Cat People?
    Spending time at home is much more fun with a four-legged friend around, so unsurprisingly, pet ownership is on the rise. Quantcast delved into its data to analyze the behavior of dog people and cat people and found some interesting differences.

    Inside Quantcast

    Leader Spotlight: Meet Leah McClish-Jones
    Get to know Leah, a Key Account Manager, as she discusses how she celebrates Black History Month and some of the work she does as co-lead of Diversity Leadership at Quantcast (DLQ).
    Leader Spotlight: Meet Mimi (Estell) Zeigler
    Meet Mimi, another Key Account Manager. She tells us about inspirational Black leaders who demonstrate extreme resilience of character in the face of adversity and her own role in DLQ.
    What I Learned By Interning at Quantcast
    Hear from a product and platform engineering intern at Quantcast, who talks about the skills and knowledge he took away after working with both teams.

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