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January 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to 2021 and our first Quantcast newsletter of the year. We believe that with a new year there is new opportunity and we want to be your guide on your marketing and advertising journey.

Each month, we will share the latest and greatest about Quantcast, and provide insight into the market, resources and events to help you navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape. We will address key topics including the open internet, a cookie-less world, how to reach audiences effectively, data privacy, and more. We are excited to share all of this with you, and also welcome your feedback.

With that, here’s to a hopeful and prosperous 2021.

Industry Events

Let’s kick off 2021 with CES

CES is the year’s first industry mega-event where the tech community unites for product launches, collaboration, networking and thought leadership. This year CES is virtual from Jan 11-14 and we are proud to be included with other amazing companies and speakers who are at the forefront of tech.

Registered attendees have four opportunities to hear from us, including:

  • Live Session: Join Somer Simpson, VP Product Management for “Data Democracy: A Fight for A Free and Open Internet”
  • Live Session: Join Ingrid Burton, CMO for “The 3P’s of Demystifying AI for Marketers”
  • On-demand Session: Watch Konrad Feldman, CEO present “Rallying Cry for the Open Internet”
  • On-demand Session: Watch Peter Day, CTO present “Audience Insights That Power Marketing Strategy”

This Month’s Spotlight

7 Predictions for 2021 Adtech
What are the major trends for 2021 ad tech? We asked our founder and CEO, Konrad Feldman, as well as our Chief Technology Officer, Peter Day, for their predictions — get some interesting insight into consolidation, consumers & CTV.

Actionable Insights: Where Data Comes to Life

The Future of Fitness: US Quantcast Health Tech Insights
Health and fitness is always top of mind for people as they embrace the new year, but technology has emerged as a key way that people engage with their health. Quantcast looked at home gym equipment, virtual fitness instruction, and health gadgets to understand what’s hot and who is purchasing.
A Taxing Year: 4 Key 2021 US Tax Trends
With people suddenly stuck at home and tax deadlines extended, the 2020 tax season was like no other. Reflecting on last year, looking at innovative new industry tools, and diving into Quantcast consumer data; we isolated four key tax trends and shifts for the 2021 tax season that you may see ahead.

In the News

7 Predictions for 2021 Adtech
Publishers enter 2021 in a position of strength, but only if they can overcome the data disadvantages that created their long self-inflicted servitude to big tech companies. In this episode of the AdExchanger Talks podcast, Quantast’s Somer Simpson, describes the high stakes these companies face in areas like privacy compliance, data ownership and user experience.

Marketer’s Pulse: What You Need to Know, Now

At the Crossroads of the Open Internet and Consent
Check out the Q&A highlights from our INNOVATE Webinar: A Rallying Cry for the Internet, as we dive into key topics including identity, a free and open internet, first-party data and consented audiences.
Permisio: Helping Publishers in a World Without Third-Party Cookies
By providing an easy-to-use, centralized privacy preferences portal, Permisio simplifies privacy preference management for both consumers and the publishers whose sites they visit.

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