Monthly Advertising in 2021 and Beyond

February 2021 Newsletter

We are excited to announce Quantcast Virtual NOVA: Advertising in 2021 and Beyond — a 90-minute online event. This must-attend virtual event includes talks from our CEO, Konrad Feldman, and our CTO, Dr. Peter Day. In addition, we are hosting an industry panel of leading global brands, agencies, and publishers to discuss the challenges, industry trends and how to best thrive in the evolving world of advertising. We hope you will join us!


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The world of advertising is changing even as marketers and publishers are demanding more results, more efficiency and more reach to find new customers to help their businesses grow. Quantcast and industry experts will discuss the changes underway and explore ideas and solutions for 2021 and beyond.

Actionable Insights: Where Data Comes to Life

Inauguration Insights
On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn into office. Quantcast looked at interest and content consumption data during the week prior to and week of the 2021 U.S. presidential inauguration to uncover interesting audience insights and trends.
Automotive Insights
Reflecting back on 2020, we took a look at Quantcast’s first-party data to answer questions such as: Do consumers research cars during a pandemic? Who are the car shoppers now and how have they changed? What are the new areas of opportunity?
The Poetry of Insights
To add a bit of whimsy when we most need it, Quantcast brings you a Valentine’s Day Poem highlighting content browsing behaviors from around the globe and showcasing how key markets are planning for a unique Valentine’s Day at home. Sending our love!


The 3P’s of Demystifying AI for Marketers

AI can appear daunting but it is the key to driving marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Join Ingrid Burton, Chief Marketing Officer at Quantcast, as she demystifies AI and machine learning for marketers, showing it’s math, not magic!

She will address the benefits of AI in Marketing which can be characterized as the 3P’s of AI:

  • Patterns
  • Preferences
  • Predictions

Quantcast in the News

Digital Advertising In 2021: Predictions For The Free And Open Internet

Many of us are looking forward to a brighter 2021, and one area that must continue to evolve is digital advertising. What changes can we expect, and what do they mean for the free and open internet? Quantcast CEO, Konrad Feldman, shares his predictions for the year ahead.

Marketer’s Pulse: What You Need to Know, Now.

What’s in Your Data? The Benefits of Treating Privacy Like Nutrition.
We deserve to know the impact of using various services online. Food labels help us make more informed choices on what we eat and the same principles should be applied to online browsing.
At CES: Audience Insights that Power Marketing Strategy
At this year’s virtual CES, Quantcast’s CTO, Peter Day, presented on the challenges of building an insights platform and provided a glimpse inside the data black box.
AdExchanger Talks: Publisher Power, Publisher Problems
AdExchanger spoke with our VP of Product Management, Somer Simpson, about the high stakes publishers face in areas like privacy compliance, data ownership and user experience.

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