On Demand Webinar The Cookie Experts: Ask Us Anything
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On Demand Webinar The Cookie Experts: Ask Us Anything A Fireside Chat

In this webinar, we will answer any questions regarding the deprecation of third-party cookies. They have seen a slow demise since Apple introduced Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari, and Google recently reiterated their removal from Chrome in 2022. How will this impact the future of advertising?

A range of solutions is being proposed to tackle the challenge of advertising addressability. How do these solutions work? What are the differences between authenticated and cohort-based solutions? What are probabilistic and deterministic identifiers?

Quantcast has outlined an approach that leverages its unique AI and machine learning technology to harness multiple audience signals. How will it help brands, agencies, and publishers know and grow their audiences?

Join us so you can be better prepared for a cookieless future and learn the answers to:

How will industry changes impact your campaign planning, activation, and measurement?

What are the relative strengths and weaknesses of the many industry-proposed solutions?

What can future-proof my business?

There will be plenty of time to answer your additional questions as well.


Shruti Koparkar Head of Product Marketing at Quantcast


Durban Frazer Director of Engineering, Identity and Privacy at Quantcast
Heinz Baumann Head of Product Privacy & Identity at Quantcast