Digiday Advertisers Guide

The advertiser’s guide to new brand metrics by Digiday

As audience behaviors change and technologies evolve, many brands are turning to nuanced conversion metrics and strategies to protect their advertising spend.

Longstanding forms of brand measurement often miss the indicators of a person’s progression throughout the customer journey stages. They’re not always actionable when it comes to further strategic decisions, and too many fail to measure what’s valuable in campaigns, leading to waste.

To help advertisers uncover tactics and insights for driving awareness, consideration and conversions, this guide highlights how brands are adopting new brand metrics and measurements to improve campaign outcomes.

Download this new Digiday guide to learn:

  • How to integrate nuanced brand metrics into your campaigns
  • How to audit and optimize campaigns with real-time data
  • What brand lift studies can do for your brand performance
  • How to find metric-focused branding partners
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