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Stale, not unique, not diverse data

Loosely classified third-party data segments

Reliant on third-party cookies

Real-time signals capture constantly evolving consumer behavior

Data is processed by AI and machine learning to enable user-defined custom segments

Future-proofed data set, uses first-party tags


Web and mobile destinations tagged


Years building our data footprint


Petabytes of data processed per day


We are innovators and technologists that are constantly striving to invent and push the envelope on what is possible.

100 patents and counting


Ara automatically adjusts ten thousand variables every minute to optimize the best outcome for every ad.

10,000 variables updated every minute


Ara builds custom predictive models for every campaign and scores them a million times per second to determine relevance and optimal price of an impression.

1,000,000 scores generated every second


Ara queries a database of a trillion online signals in under a hundred milliseconds to provide interactive, granular insights.

1,000,000,000,000 online signals

Under the hood How Ara works

How Ara Works

Patterns, preferences, and predictions

Ara uses the following design principles to rapidly learn and adapt to the most relevant events observed across the internet:

  • Customized bespoke models: Ara customizes a model for each campaign. This level of granularity allows a large degree of model expressiveness with a low degree of model complexity.

  • Uses the freshest data: Ara retrains every model, every day, using the most recent campaign data.

  • Low latency: To succeed in the real-time bidding environment, Ara’s inference engine is built to support low latency. It can score every model in microsecond timescales, allowing for optimal bidding while ensuring the opportunity is not lost.

Superior results at scale

Ara is outcome-focused and not input-driven. Here is why Ara delivers better ROI:

  • Scores impressions based on real-time intent signals: Each bespoke model captures real-time interests and intent.

  • Monitors live campaigns: Ara assesses if past ad-impression value and pricing was optimal and learns from it.

  • Iterates continuously to enable a tight feedback loop: 10,000 variables are autonomously tuned every minute, along with actual campaign performance, to optimize campaign KPIs and maximize the chance of winning the best opportunities.

What makes Ara unique? The Quantcast Platform combines unique, real-time data with Ara to deliver compelling results in a privacy-first world.

Challenges Today The Ara Approach and Why It Matters

Live intent is hard to capture with stale data

Loosely classified data segments widely available in the market are based on weeks-old stale data. This kind of backward-looking data doesn’t capture live consumer intent.

Real-time predictive modeling

Ara uses machine learning to transform unique, real-time signals from over 100M+ online destinations into behavioral patterns. Our predictive models react to the most recent events across the internet and are scored a million times per second to maintain an up-to-the-second understanding of audience behavior.

Deliver perfectly timed and uniquely relevant advertising to the right audience.

Daily manual adjustment of bid levers is limiting

The value of every ad impression is constantly in flux due to evolving online behaviors. Using a finite set of levers, adjusted a few times a day to determine relevance and price, is ineffective.

Autonomous campaign execution

Ara analyzes real-time audience behaviors as well as live campaign performance, factors in campaign objectives, and autonomously tunes 10,000 variables every minute to uniquely evaluate and optimally bid on each impression.

Free up your time to focus on experimentation and beat your campaign goals by 120% on average.

Data manipulation to hunt for insights is inefficient
Crafting compelling audience stories requires granular insights. Finding these insights involves tedious data manipulation that can take hours.
Advanced audience analytics

Ara uses custom-built data analytics technology that turns huge amounts of data into an insights playground. It queries a database of over a trillion online signals in under 100 milliseconds to provide an interactive and instantaneous experience.

Get fast access to detailed audience and campaign insights to fuel your experimentation and innovation.

Building for a cookieless future

Quantcast’s approach to the demise of third-party cookies is grounded in three pillars: industry standards, interoperability, and innovation–all in service of a free and open internet.
Industry Standards

The ad tech community needs to unite to define the framework for viable long-term solutions as a way to validate and hold ourselves accountable. With that in mind, Quantcast has been working with IAB Tech Lab’s Project Rearc, Prebid, and the W3C and will continue collaborating with others from across our industry.


The Quantcast Platform was built to intake and parse a complex set of signals, making it well equipped to integrate with emerging identity solutions including UID 2.0, LiveRamp, SWAN, and Google FLoC. Quantcast will partner with all new approaches and make any necessary adaptations as they evolve.


Our approach has been and will continue to be grounded in natural language processing, consent, a system to combine identifier signals coherently, and machine learning technology that can take in multiple signals, combining them with statistical methods.

Why Quantcast?

Unique access to first-party signals

We are not reliant on third-party data. Through our privileged relationships with publishers and Quantcast Measure deployed across 100M+ web and mobile destinations, we have direct access to real-time, first-party signals that drive efficiency and scale.

Expertise in AI and machine learning

AraTM makes sense of a massive set of signals on the open internet, building a sophisticated contextual understanding of the internet. We have tested our thinking and technology in Safari environments–a good indicator of what the future will look like–and have seen positive results with our alpha capabilities.

Pioneers of consent in ad-tech

We are leaders in Europe with Quantcast Choice, our consent management solution. Having worked with the IAB to build the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF), we are ready for a consumer-consent-first world.

Built with interoperability and industry standards in mind

We have built the platform to interoperate and ingest external identifier signals, such as UID 2.0, LiveRamp, SWAN, and Google FLoC. Quantcast will partner with all new approaches and make any necessary adaptations as they evolve.

Under the hood How Ara works

Multi Signal Process
Quantcast Advertise Traditional Advertising Services
Quantcast Platform Transformative Self-Serve

The future of advertising is here. Now. We are taking an entirely new approach to advertising on the open internet.

Real-time, first-party signals for up-to-the-second understanding of consumer behavior

Audiences are everything. Say goodbye to stale third-party segments and hello to real-time signals. With our first-party footprint across 100M+ web and mobile destinations, stay on the pulse of ever‑changing consumer behavior.

AI and machine learning for actionable insights & results at scale

Ara,TM our AI and machine learning engine, operates on live data to learn real‑time audience behavior patterns. Ara pairs these patterns with real-time campaign monitoring to surface actionable insights and optimize towards the best outcome for every single ad.

Consumer consent is the foundation of our platform for a privacy-first world

Thrive in a privacy-first world. Consumer privacy, transparency, and trust are built into the very foundation of our platform, allowing you to thrive in a world without third-party cookies.

Integrated platform to plan, activate, and measure with ease and efficiency

The Quantcast Platform provides ease of use and time savings, empowering brands, agencies, and publishers to know and grow your audiences. Overlay engaging formats to unlock creativity on the open internet.

“We leverage Quantcast’s live first-party data to understand granular insights about our audiences. These insights are based on real-time content consumption trends, and you can activate these audiences in just a few clicks. You’re not building a story if you can’t activate it right away.”

Alex Glover
Digital Director

“Since going live with Quantcast, we have seen our performance improve 32% using the full-funnel approach.”

Matt Valentine
Digital Account Manager

“We now optimize towards an event and let the algorithm do its thing. This allows us to focus more of our time on creative messaging strategy as well as partner development.”

Sagar Budhrani
Senior Marketing Acquisition Manager

“The level of automation allows me to spend more time understanding audience insights and building holistic marketing strategies around these audiences.”

Mike Kocher
NW Media Partners

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