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Monthly Fall into CTV, Recession-Proof Strategies, and … Ghost Hunting?

October 2022 Newsletter

This Month’s Spotlight

ADWEEK WEBINAR Embrace Brand on Top of Demand: Recession-Proof Your Ad Spend Wednesday, November 1 at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT

Join Quantcast and Adweek for an in-depth look at why embracing brand spend on top of demand is the key to remaining relevant and competitive in today’s advertising landscape. Learn how to measure upper-funnel brand advertising and ways to use technology to move spend towards proven successful tactics.


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In the News

Halloween Haunt It’s Spooky Season

A few ghostly friends have decided to haunt the Quantcast website this Halloween. Some of them hold a secret message!

Join the Quantcast Halloween Haunt for a chance to win some delightful Halloween goodies. But you must act fast–the ghosts will vanish once the clock strikes midnight on October 31st!