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How to Thrive in the Post Cookie Era

Join Dr. Peter Day, Chief Technology Officer at Quantcast, as he discusses the benefits of a leaner and more efficient advertising landscape. Learn more about what marketers need to know, how they can prepare and what the future holds after the deprecation of third party cookies.


The state of the world today, including the challenges already impacting marketers, publishers and martech companies.
The internet of the future and what trends in privacy legislation and changes in technology changes mean for advertisers over the coming years
How to prepare using technologies, tactics and strategies that are resistant to the cookiepocolypse
How to thrive, and whether it’s possible that the world beyond the cookie could be better for advertisers, publishers and web users


Peter Day Chief Technology Officer, Quantcast
As Chief Technology Officer at Quantcast, Peter Day is responsible for the development of products which allow marketers and publishers to make smart choices as they buy and sell effective advertising. Prior to joining Quantcast, he spent 12 years working in the financial markets. Peter has a Ph.D. in machine learning.
Andrew Double
Andrew Double Managing Director, APAC, Quantcast
Andrew Double is the Managing Director of Quantcast Asia-Pacific. He has extensive experience in the digital media industry; beginning his career in display sales at the Financial Times Business. Andrew first joined Quantcast London as Head of Strategy in 2011. Following a short period as a Client Partner within the Facebook Australia team, Double re-joined Quantcast in 2014 to set up Quantcast’s APAC operations. In 5 years, Andrew has built Quantcast into a highly successful multi-million dollar business with nearly 100 staff across the region.